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8:00pm, Sat 6 December, 2014

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Three years ago we had the absolute pleasure of hosting Mister Hendrik Weber AKA Pantha Du Prince down at The Spice Cellar for a breathtaking live performance that took us on a journey through the melodic, ethereal, cinematic and immersive minimal techno soundscapes of his then most recent LP 'Black Noise'. The music is so beautiful and so intricate, though anybody who's seen him in the flesh can attest that when it's played in the club it's straight up vibe city.

He already had an exceptional catalogue at his fingertips back then (This Bliss! Diamond Daze!), but Weber's also been doing some pretty extraordinary stuff between then and now. Black Noise was an ambitious album to say the least, incorporating a variety of field recordings, atonal noise and stray percussion, but the project that followed took things to a whole new level of adventurousness and extravagance. 'Elements of Light', the LP that resulted from his collaboration with The Bell Laboratory, saw him taking his love and central use of bells to extravagant new heights by incorporating a huge range of live percussion (including a 3-tonne 50-bell carillon) which has been performed in Berlin, Paris, London and even here for last year's Melbourne Music Week. It all speaks of a guy who goes above and beyond in the world of dance and electronic music to create something deeply emotional, immersive and awe-inspiring, while making sure that when it's time to dance there are no compromises made.

So it's our huge pleasure once again to invite Pantha Du Prince to the Picnic stage to take us on a romp around an alternate sonic universe. We'll be making it happen at the Oxford Art Factory on December 5th with support from Magda Bytnerowicz, Kali and Andy Webb.