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'One Gaslit Night' EP launch

Heavy Happy Music

'One Gaslit Night' EP launch

5:30pm, Sun 17 July, 2016

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Engaging singer/storyteller Fergus Maximus launches a new EP "One Gaslit Night" with his brilliant bandmates, Kym Perry (guitars) & Jamie Harrison (basses), ably supported by the wonderful Courtney Robb. One Unforgettable Night Only. Don't miss out!

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The new Fergus Maximus EP "One Gaslit Night" will be officially launched at The Jade Monkey on Sunday, 17 July (part of the Umbrella: Winter City Sounds/Guitars in Bars festivals). Kym and Jamie will do all the heavy lifting, Ferg will be his typical, half-baked gorilla self and, as an extra special treat, the evening will kick off with a set from the incredibly talented Adelaide songstress, Courtney Robb.

Get $5 off the new EP if you pre-order when you buy your ticket (if you don't like physical things cluttering up your pristine, minimalist zen-zone, you can order a download instead of a physical object):

* if you order the physical CD it will be waiting for you to pick up on the night and you can then get it signed if you're into that kind of thing

* if you order the download you will receive a voucher on the night.

For more Fergus Maximus info check out the links below:


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