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9:00pm, Fri 25 August, 2017
Candy's Apartment, NSW

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Noize Disorder: The Hardcore Club, Friday 25th August.

Come into our home as we transport you on a journey of hardcore throughout the ages - let us tickle your soul.

Our artists include 3 generations of Australia's hardcore royalty, uniting, to re-birth the gabber way of life.

Gabber - Mainstream - Uptempo - Speedcore - Rawstyle - Frenchcore - Terror - Doom - Crossbreed - Industrial - Hard Techno - PCP



Splinter Cell is an Industrial Hardcore producer from Adelaide, Australia. First introduced to Hardcore in the early 90's, he quickly developed a deep rooted love for the darker, harder hitting and heavily distorted Industrial sounds. His characteristic style of production stamping a solid imprint in the Industrial Hardcore fraternity, with a penchant for ravaging kicks and obscure, unsettling sounds.

Splinter Cell has developed a respected reputation for his relentless, explosive and punishing delivery with his DJ sets, often evolving in dynamic and intensity from slower BPM Industrial through to the faster echelons.

This has resulted in Splinter Cell destroying packed dance floors around the world from small club events to major festivals such as Hardshock Festival, Defqon1 Australia and bestowed the honour of producing the anthem for Koalition Festival 2015.

With releases on Industrial Strength Records, Karnage Records and Motormouth Recordz, his unique and distinguishable sound is maintaining the attention of the global Hardcore community with his music supported by DJs worldwide.


Dep Affect has been busy with hardcore since 2006, with numerous vinyl and digital releases on labels like The Third Movement, Industrial Strength Records, Industrial Propaganda Records, Dark Descent and Genosha Records with the Outside Agency.

With a techno undercurrent growing stronger in each releases, he recently found himself also making straight up industrial techno; which is when he teamed up with 14anger for the "Transcendence On Demand" vinyl EP on Tripalium Records; followed up shortly with EPs on Green Fetish Records, and KTRM and Tripped's MadBack Records. These EPs received support from DJs like Dave Clarke, Martyn Hare, Umwelt and Minimum Syndicat.

With an aesthetic somewhere between rave and doom, Dep Affect is a strange mix of heavy grooves, brain twisting sounds and a cheerful - if slightly apocalyptic - vibe.

Hosted by MC Pez


  • Raw Machine
  • Convict
  • Mistortion
  • Geoff Da Chef
  • Toon & Raziel
  • Catzeyez
  • Lilith
  • AUS INDUSTRIAL MILTIA (Satanism & Kader)
  • Trierme
  • Scatterlie
  • Retali8one
  • Severe
  • Revent


Candy's Apartment

22 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross

INTHEMIX Awards Runner Up Best Club Night NSW 2016

Valid ID must be scanned on entry.

Welcome home, Hardcore.

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