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NICE NOISES: An Evening with Friends

The Harbour Agency Presents

NICE NOISES: An Evening with Friends

8:00pm, Thu 18 April, 2013

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Formed at university in 2011, Taking Berlin has spent the past few months resisting the urge to rush into recording by meditating and taking the time out to polish their sound. The up-and-coming 5-piece from Sydney has spent time honing in on their craft and perfecting their live performance shows.

The quintet is made up of Bradley Christie (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Shannon Richards (Guitar), Hamish Ingram (Bass), Bryn Munro (Percussion) and Dave Voglis (Drums), all of which share a range of influences, including but not limited to Greek literature, spaghetti westerns and black coffee. The boys have created their own original sound, describing themselves as 'psycha-boogie.' Taking Berlin have come together to infuse old school rock and roll with elements of funk and folk. The unique tribal influence has been incorporated into the music through the band's distinctive use of congos.

The last six months have seen a huge development in this bands touring schedule. Through their catchy, cheeky sounds and quirky lyrics, Taking Berlin has managed to produce an impressive 75 minute original set-list, not something many young emerging acts can do.

From pulling crowds at venues such as the Vanguard in Sydney, to headlining The Annandale Hotel, the boys have manage to establish a dedicated following. With the few exceptions, the band has decided to stay away from the traditional and obvious capital city venues in other states, setting their sights on places off the 'beaten track.' In the last year, they've played over 50 shows, taking their creation of sound all over, from scout halls in Orange to Taree, and all the way to Warrnambool.

For a band that has made their own recording studio in a house, regardless it looking as ugly as sin, manages to produce fresh, crisp sound recordings. Improvised from 500+ egg cartons, with the occasional broken egg, and s10 car speakers, Taking Berlin have decided that their music is ready to be heard on a wider scale. With their new single 'No Money' all ready to be released on Triple J in the up-coming months, the band will be headlining a show at the Good God Small Club on April 18th. They will be celebrating with Huckleberry Hastings, The Tropics and English Avenue. Taking Berlin is also working hard on their EP, set to be released later this year.