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4:00pm, Sun 20 February, 2022

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Ipswich's Prophet of Prose, Alt- Electro-Rock (darkwave) musician DAMIEN

(For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode)
Ipswich’s prophet of prose, alt-electro-rock (darkwave) musician DAMIEN is a queer, non-binary artist who powerfully pushes against mainstream conventions with poignant, post-punk political commentaries.

Emerging in early 2020, DAMIEN's music blends electro rock with elements of both pop and industrial, and pairs this with lyrical content that is simultaneously clever and contagious.

He has been compared to Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Gorillaz.

In 2021 DAMIEN released the full length album, 'Girl', which saw was praised for reshaping alternative electronica by Happy Mag.

DAMIEN has received national and international airplay and has frequently featured in local, national and international publications.

“DAMIEN perfectly combines sassy, self-assured vocals with an uplifting message and brazen melodics” - The Otherside Reviews

“DAMIEN excels at industrial darkwave” - HomeCooking Share Magazine

“Captivating alt-electro rock at its best” - AU Review

Supporting are Karoshi  a 2-piece Brisbane band that mix big riffy guitars with big electro beats as a metal / EDM / punk / party / everything group (think Prodigy and Pendulum but heavier) whose debut EP “Addition” was release in March 2021, and their latest release a double A-side which features a new track FUN4EVRY1 plus a reimagining of a classic Ramones song PINHEAD. They also have two earlier single releases, including the massive "BECOME" featuring legendary iNsuRge vocalist Chris Dubrow, which is one of the few metal tracks among the voting selections for the 4ZZZ Top 100 this year.

Karoshi are Dave Gale (The Porkers) and Mark Lingane (ex- Crimes of the Primary), both with decades of recording and touring experience who wanted to play the type of music they love to see live, and what is not readily available on Australian stages.

Karoshi tracks are available across all streaming platforms, with the Spotify and Bandcamp links below for your perusal - https://open.spotify.com/artist/6MyjIENCjoa7AxJIQXGXOP...
- https://karoshi1.bandcamp.com/

 Trisitta are back to the stage with a new line up and new energy and ready to unleash on King Lears Throne.

Tripsitta are an energetic psychedelic/rock four-piece band. Their music is best described as the sound of the counterculture that lives and breathes in Australian nightlife. Powerful vocals matched with spine tingling electric guitar solo’s, energetic bass lines and infectious drums. Their sound is sure to have your head banging and heart racing.

Fidel a Go Go 

Fidel A Go Go is part hard rock, part math prog, and all down-tuned riffage   Fidel A Go Go | Facebook