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Melbourne Documentary Film Festival @ Howler

Australian Institute of Music Binge Watch Presents

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival @ Howler

10:00am, Sun 9 July, 2017

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Australian Institute of Music Binge Watch
Doors open 10am

11:00AM - 1:30PM SESSION
Focus Australia - Short Australian Documentary
Short Films: Biography / Docu-Drama / Sport / Inspiring Life Stories / Street Art Documentaries / Q&A

1:45PM - 4:45PM SESSION
Double Feature: Girl Power / Play Your Gender

5:00PM - 6:35PM SESSION
Feature: Generation Start Up

6:45PM - 9:15PM SESSION
Double Feature: Northern Disco Lights / Luna Orbit

9:30PM - 12:00AM SESSION
Double Feature: Placebo Alt Russia / The Road Movie

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11:00AM - 1:30PM SESSION


The Satellite - 14 Minutes
Director: Anne Johnson
Description: The improbable true story of Australia's first spacecraft

The Man From the Other Side - 9 Minutes
Director: Janos Zoltan
Description: The story of a man's life unfolds on the lawn bowling green during a practice match.

Exit Wounds - 5 Minutes
Director: Pattie Collins
Description: A documentary about a former Australian soldier with post-traumatic stress disorder who works as a professional actor.

Lambert - The Australian Dream - 7 Minutes
Director: Gabor Kukucska
Description: After a "fortunate accident" Lambert starts his adult life full of dreams and aspiration.

Reading the Wind - 11 Minutes
Director: Adam Ricco
Description: An Italian migrant whose connection with the migrant community helped bring their stories to life once again.

Another Olga - 4 Minutes
Director: Cecilia Rumore
Description: Olga Horak shares what she has learnt from enduring the horrors of the holocaust.



Portrait of a Motorcycle Legend - 6 Minutes
Director: Josie Baynes
Description: Rex Wolfenden is an iconic Australian motor enthusiast. 

Sudo Ballin - 7 Minutes
Director: Mark Hellinger
Description: Sudo Ballin is a documentary short showing the rise of Sudanese Australian basketball on the world stage. 

Drop the Mic - 5 Minutes
Director: Nathaniel Jackson
Description: When a wrestling announcer is thwarted by a rare, muscle weakening disease, he must summon the will to keep his body moving and overcome his newfound fear of... dropping the mic.



Breaking the Ice - 11 Minutes
Director: James Nightingale
Description: A short doc highlighting the devastation inflicted at the hands of crystal methamphetamine - ICE

Australia's Most Hugged Man - 12 Minutes
Director: Hannah Conn
Description: In an attempt to recover from grief, Jafri and his spiritual self migrate to a land of opportunities but finds himself standing against racism at the centre of Melbourne.

Ghost in the Machine - 3 Minutes
Director: Poppy Walker and Sophie Hexter
Description: An act of surrender in the search for liberation, Australian artist Jeremy Hawkes unleashes the ghost within.

Corey the Warrior - 4 Minutes
Director: Isabel Darling
Description: Corey's love of his family, nature, and his totems shape his paintings, which are as enchanting as he is.

Phoenix - 4 Minutes
Director: Arka Das
Description: Sian Grahl has overcome a multitude of complications to produce a visually stunning masterpiece.

Order from Chaos - 3 Minutes
Director: Clementine Bourke
Description: Verity Nunan is a 24 year old artist suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis; through her art we see her utilise her pain and anguish to create abstract artworks.



INVIGORATE - A Street Art Documentary - 6 Minutes
Director: Michael Ridley
Description: A mini-documentary that dares to delve deep into the flourishing world of street art in Melbourne, Australia.

Nico -10 Minutes
Director: Lukasz Termer
Description: A short documentary about a street artist, Nico from Sydney, Australia. In an interview he explores reasons and motivation behind his passion and obsession.

Hip Hop & Holiness - 12 Minutes
Director: Bella Ann Townes
Description: Meet the break-dancing Pastor who can freestyle rhyme and is one of Australia's most prolific graffiti writers.



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1:45PM - 4:45PM SESSION

Girl Power - 1hour 32 Minutes
Director: Sany, Jan Zaj cek
Description: A thrilling story of a female graffiti writer from Prague and her long journey of rounding up female graffiti writers around the world.
Play Your Gender - 80 Minutes
Director: Stephanie Clattenburg
Description: Juno Award-winning musician Kinnie Starr is on a quest to find out why only 5% of music producers are women even though many of the most bankable pop stars are female. What does it take for a woman to make it in music?

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5:00PM - 6:35PM SESSION

Generation Start Up - 93 Minutes
Director: Cheryl Miller Houser, Cynthia Wade
Description: Generation Startup takes us to the front lines of entrepreneurship

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6:45PM - 9:15PM SESSION

Northern Disco Lights 90 Minutes
Director: Ben Davis
Description: Northern Disco Lights tells the untold story of a group of teenagers in the arctic city of Troms , who set off a chain of events that would go on to transform their country

Lunar Orbit 60 Minutes
Director: Patrick Buchanan
Description: Lunar Orbit takes us deep into the Ultraworld of the pioneers of ambient house music - The Orb.

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9:30PM - 12:00AM SESSION

Placebo Alt Russia - 61 Minutes
Director: Charlie Targett-Adams
Description: From Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea, PLACEBO: ALT RUSSIA takes you on the band's journey through Russia, meeting unique characters on the way, investigating the alternative culture in Russia, and taking in the raw emotions of Placebo's powerful concerts.

The Road Movie - 60 Minutes
Director: Dmitrii Kalashnikov
Description: Russian drivers depend on dashboard cameras to provide video proof when filing insurance claims and police reports. Composed entirely of dash-cam videos pulled from YouTube, this road trip takes us on a raucous, expletive-laden trip.