MDFF : Todd Who? / You Better Take Cover / Awards Presentation / Batak


MDFF : Todd Who? / You Better Take Cover / Awards Presentation / Batak

8:30pm, Mon 11 July, 2016

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Todd Who? (48 mins)

Todd Who?" is a unique rockumentary that explores a fan's 30 year obsession and devotion to underappreciated rock musician and technological pioneer Todd Rundgren. Not only does this passionate film project entertain via a series of self-deprecating anecdotes and personal experiences but it is also intended to be illuminating and informative on the subject's career. Todd Who? follows the artist's pivotal role in advancing music production technology and the evolution of cross media possibilities.


You Better Take Cover (30 mins)

Men At Work's 1983 hit single, 'Down Under' is deeply rooted in Australian culture. Labeled the de facto National anthem, it undoubtedly resonates with a nation. Though the song itself is familiar to most, not commonly known is that 35 years after the band's success, they were sued for copyright infringement by music publishing company, Larrikin Music.

The company sought damages for similarities drawn between the iconic flute riff and the melody of popular children's nursery rhyme, 'Kookaburra (sits in the old gum tree)', written by Marion Sinclair.

Melbourne filmmaker, Harry Hayes has produced the documentary, You Better Take Cover that follows the songs creative inception and explores the plagiarism saga that left so many bewildered. The film features interviews with Men At Work members, John Rees, Jerry Speiser and Ron Strykert, numerous industry professionals and Australian culture and music icons, Michael Leunig and Paul Kelly


Awards Presentation


Batak (40 mins)

Since the beginning, when the Batak culture and civilization was born in the heart of Sumatra island, there were questions and opinions regarding its origin.

This film was an attempt to trace the origin of the Batak culture and civilization that will take you closer to encounter the Batak, where the cultural values becoming their identity.

This film is an eye opener to a very complex and rich Batak culture.

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