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12:00pm, Mon 11 July, 2016

Event Details

Short Documentaries Featured: 

  • Delos (25 mins) 
  • Melbourne Guide to Living (15 mins) 
  • Wainscot (9 mins) 
  • Oito zero oito (5 mins) 
  • Georgina (11 mins) 
  • Lucha Azteca (17 mins) 
  • Abdullah (5 mins) 
  • Little Ray of Hope (10 mins) 
  • A Faithless Faith (30 mins)


Delos - 25 mins
The sun sheds light on a new world, still malleable, not yet having reached its definite form. Through the waves there drifts a rock, floating along, without identity, nameless. Undeclared (a-delos). No shadow falls upon the ground, because the rock moves with the sun. It travels in a space without memory, beyond history, out of time. Yet there is a point, a certain moment, somewhere in the space-time curve where the rock stops. It escapes the chaos of Lethe and it becomes truth (a-letheia). It achieves a position within the world, its own space within the universe. It achieves an identity. A-delos becomes Delos. The rock becomes an island. It stands firm and looks out from the center of the Aegean. It achieves hist-ory.

Melbourne Guide to Living - 15 mins
Melbourne, Australia. One of the oldest cities on earth. A place famous for its coffee, culture and climate. Four seasons in a day, that's what the locals will tell you. And the most liveable city in the world... whatever that means. This guide to the city takes you around Australia's capital of culture, explaining its history, people, and idiosyncrasies. For instance, did you know that dinosaurs existed in Australia right up until 1905? Or that Melbourne was named after cultural icon Mel Gibson? Well you do now.

Wainscot - 9 mins 
Short documentary focusing on a LARPing collective based out of Melbourne, and some of it's members. 

Oito zero oito -5 mins
After losing his father and his brother in a car accident, Elon Constantino realized that life required him to decide his own way. As a teenager, Elon tries to follow his first passion, football, getting to play in a great team of Brazil. In one of those twists of fate, he decides to start a new story. Elon discovers apnea diving. In his first competition, he breaks the national record. But the difficulties of not being a sponsored athlete made him look for a plan B. He began to study architecture, which sparked another talent that accompanies him since childhood. Here comes the Elon Constantine painter who quickly gained prominence in galleries throughout Brazil. As a successful artist, now he can invest in his greatest passion, diving. Then, Elon carries an old dream, breaking the world record of the time it started to dive.

Georgina - 11 mins
For Georgina, stripping isn't just about men's desire to see naked women. Her work's mission is to connect with her true self - a self stripped of the layers of artifice that society attaches to each of us - and to share it with her clients through dance. But finding the energy to connect with each new face, night after night, is draining. The isolation, and physical and emotional strain of her work has begun to take its toll.

Lucha Azteca - 17 mins
Emperador Azteca is a luchador that found his calling in Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) ever since he was kid. Now Azteca finally has an opportunity to debut in one of the most important Arenas.

Abdullah - 5 mins
An Afghani asylum seeker's journey to Australia.

Little Ray of Hope - 10 mins
The Ocean as seen through the eyes of one person, shared to increase a greater awareness of some of the marine life found there, and the fragility of it and the ocean.

A Faithless Faith 31 mins
The 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution of the Ayatollah Khomeini changed every aspect of the Iranian society, turning Iran into a pure Islamic state. In 1988 the Iranian government began a campaign against the Christian faith. In 1994, the main wave of persecution began when several pastors and leaders of major evangelical denominations were murdered by the Islamic regime's death squad. Other church members and church leaders were arrested, imprisoned, and tortured. Today, the United Nations Special Representative reported that Christians are leaving Iran at an estimated rate of 15,000 to 20,000 per year. The Human Rights Watch estimates the number of Christians living in Iran today total 10,000 to15,000. That is a 95% reduction of Christianity in Iran.  A Faceless Faith is a documentation of the Iranian Regime's atrocities against Christians and the Christian faith in Iran.