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12:00pm, Sat 9 July, 2016

Event Details

Short Documentaries Featured: 

  • Driven (15mins)
  • The Drover's Boy (10mins)
  • Road to the Grand Final (5mins) 
  • Dan Bau Lullaby (9mins) 
  • Dream of Freedom (22mins) 
  • La Vella (33 mins)
  • The Outliers (7 mins)
  • At Midnight (11mins) 
  • Painting Landscape (4 mins)
  • Brooms (5 mins) 

The Drover's Boy - 10mins
The Drover's Boy is a hybrid-documentary based on a ballad by Australian bush legend, Ted Egan. It retells the story of a forbidden love between a white Drover and his Aboriginal wife in the 1920's outback Australia.

Road to the Grand Final - 5mins
An intellectually disabled Australian Rules football team gets a shot at glory in the Grand Final.

Dan Bau Lullaby - 9mins
Nguyen Thanh Tung is a respected dan bau (monochord) player from Hanoi, Vietnam. Both he and his sister were born with disabilities resulting from their father's exposure to a toxin known as Agent Orange.

Dream of Freedom (Freedom Stories-Mohsen) -22 mins
Locked up in immigration detention in Australia for 4 years after fleeing Iran, Mohsen Zand voiced his desperation by writing poetry. Now an Australian citizen, he asks documentary maker Steve Thomas to help turn his first poem into a video clip called Dream of Freedom. 

LaValla -7 mins
Lives is a documentary centred on Srey, a student who attends LaValla Primary School in Cambodia, the only government recognised school for children with a disability. This documentary explores Srey's life at the school, and what it means to her to be able to study at a school where disabilities have no limits. 

The Outliers - 11mins 
The Old Ballan Cemetery is not your usual cemetery. The people buried here have fallen through the cracks of society. They have left this world with no family or friends to put them to rest, leaving it up to strangers to give them the goodbye everyone deserves. 'The Outliers' reveals a pocket of the funeral industry that many have not often thought about - what happens to those that pass with no family or friends to bury them?

At Midnight - 4 mins
Freedom. Love. Choose one.

Maria escaped from Communist Hungary seeking creative freedom, but her husband could not tear himself away from his successful film-making career to go with her. As she attempted to build a new life in Australia, he made a feature film about her escape. His film was revolutionary for its time and wildly successful. 57 years later, this film tells her version of the story.

Painting the Landscape - 4 mins
Filmed over 10 months, follows an artist's progress working from the suburban landscape of Melbourne to create a painting

Brooms - 5 mins
A group of misfits bond playing Quidditch, the fictional game created by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter books. The team is pushed hard by their coach in the quest for victory.