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8:00pm, Thu 7 November, 2019

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Los Chicos bring their rock-soul-gospel-country-punk to Adelaide from Spain once more with what should be a rollicking good party time.

Los Chicos have been together for 18 years now. They’ve built their reputation through sweat and parties - a country-punk-rock-soul-garage-gospel extra tight machine full of Stiff’s pub fun madness that has blown out venues all over the world.

Their first single came out in 2002, followed the next year by the LP ‘Shakin & Prayin’. They then recorded ‘Fat Spark ‘in 2005 for H-Records, and in 2007 they released ‘Launching Rockets’ with Dirty Water Records, followed by the single ‘We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit’ in 2009 and the LP of the same name in 2010, both of them on Dirty Water. ‘In The Age of Stupidity’ came out in 2012 also on Dirty Water Records, and Folc Records joined Dirty Water to release ‘Rockpile of Shit’ in 2016.

Available in Europe through their new label El Segell del Primavera, their latest album ‘By Medical Prescription’ was released on Cheersquad Records and Tapes in Australia in September last year.  The vinyl pressing will be available in all good record stores and at their Australian shows this November,  and is available digitally via all of the platforms. The critically acclaimed album is a 14 track beast with a go for broke all-round performance that takes them even higher than ever before!

This 5 headed rock and roll kangaroo has spread the word of rock’n'roll all over the world, conquering bars, pubs, venues and festivals in Australia (4 succesful tours so far!), UK, Italy, France, Holland, Germany and anywhere in the Spanish territory you can think about while you drink 5 litres of kolimoxto. On stage they are like a cross between Dr. Feelgood, New Bomb Turks, Radio Birdman and Mojo Nixon, all accelerated with a punk soul that blesses these loco little rascals.  The band have a strong respect for rock and roll and fun and deliver this message with an amazing never seen before killer twin-brother-twin-guitar attack à la Pirates mixed with the Saints, surrounded by a tremendous earthquake of a rhythm section crazily executed by a killer bass firing gun and a weirdo haired madman! Everything in the package is fired up by a frontman who seems to fly through the venue like a cross between Iggy Pop and Rob Younger in the body of a two headed monster called Springsteen-Brilleaux. These great party defenders could be like a mix between Black Flag and the Shananas on Otis Redding with a Texas Punk Garage band with their gear about to explode!!! And all this for the love of bringing PURE JOY to the audience. Which they DO! ALWAYS!

They have worked regularly with godfather of rauncho garage punk, Lord Mike Mariconda and shared stages with The Sonics, Radio Birdman, Roy Loney, Johnny Casino, Paul Collins, Southern Culture On The Skids, The New Christs, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Eddie & the Hot Rods, King Khan, Barrence Whitfield, Hi-Risers, Daddy Long Legs, and a lot of great bands.  All of them are great fans and friends of the band. If so many people with that kind of musical background have set their eyes on them, they must be RIGHT!!