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Loose Fit // Solo Career // Chimers // Expensive Music Band

Tuff Palace & The Servo presents

Loose Fit // Solo Career // Chimers // Expensive Music Band

6:00pm, Sat 4 June, 2022
The Servo, NSW

Event Details

Loose Fit are a four-piece band made up of Anna, Kaylene, Max and Richard. First Kaylene met Anna, then Kaylene met Max, then Max met Anna, then Max and Anna were introduced to Richard by Kaylene as she'd met him ages ago and thought it might work. It was all socially cool and nobody hated anyone's taste in clothes or music so they formed a band. Everyone has good manners and that really helps. The band's official formation date is 3rd November 2017.

Loose Fit channel their collective anxieties into rhythmically focused post-punk music that you can dance to if you want. They are a non-hierarchical collective and that works much better than people might think. Their songwriting process involves having grossly undisciplined sprawling jam sessions that are then ruthlessly edited into taut and funky bangers. . 

Loose Fit's debut EP was a self-released cassette that was picked up by UK label FatCat records and distributed internationally. It was pretty well-received on the internet and elsewhere. They played a lot of fun shows and then Covid fucked everything including their recording schedule. 

Now they have finally finished their debut LP, which has a good number of fast ones you can dance to but also some less fast ones that are still quite danceable I guess. It was recorded in about six days by monster legend Jonathan Boulet (Party Dozen, Arse), but unfortunately some of those days were in late 2019 and some of them were in early 2021. Anyway it's done now.

We hope you enjoy this record. 


Loose Fit