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Lahgo Presents: FULL STOP.

Lahgo Presents: FULL STOP.

7:15pm, Sat 5 June, 2021

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w/ Earl Weir & Krystal Rivvers, Plantface, SLIM JIMZ

FULL STOP. Fundraiser

Unfortunately we live in a society which holds some people accountable for their actions and not others.

People are constantly getting away with acts of criminal and highly inappropriate scarring behaviour on a daily basis.

It is our duty to call out foul behaviour and do what we can to shine light on areas of injustice so that this type of behaviour is weeded out from our society.

The world is a very imperfect place but we should not be fearful of taking action and speaking out otherwise nothing changes.

More work needs to be done and continuously done by us to get things right and encourage others to do the same.

Stop violence against women and speak up.

All proceeds will be donated to the Full Stop Foundation.

Full Stop Foundation aims to support people affected by sexual, domestic and family violence. The Full Stop Foundation raises funds to resource the work of rape and domestic violence services Australia.

By donating to them, we help build a sustainable future for our trauma counselling services advocacy and prevention programs.


If you can't make the show, donations can be made via their website.


Genre blenders, Lahgo have built a name for themselves over the past 5 months. Selling out every show to eagerly awaited crowds at some of Sydney's best venues such as OAF, The Lansdowne, Bondi Beach Road, Factory Theatre and more.

Their mix of soul, indie-rock and funk driven grooves will cook you up good and proper. Set for a big year ahead, they are recording their debut album and are close to releasing some explosive singles which will leave you begging for more.

Strap in and enjoy the Lahgo experience.


SLIM JIMZ have made great strides since bursting onto Sydney’s music scene in 2019 with the release of their debut single ‘What Am I Supposed To Do’.

2021 is shaping up to be the band’s best year yet, with more songs, shows, and surprises to come. Watch out world, the JIMZ are coming for ya.

Earl Weir & Krystal Rivvers.

Krystal Rivvers as the tales of this western mistress as she pulls apart a whisky ridden dominating land curated by Earl Weir... Each part gore and romance, twined with modern poetry, they are an exhibition of musical exuberance taking you through blood spattered walls and divine desert sundowns.


Forged in the fires of Mount Doom, Plantfac are cooking up a storm in the depths of Sydney’s inner west. The four wizards deliver psychedelic-funk-rock that's perfect for an afternoon beer or midnight cappuccino. Strap in for the Plantface experience, batteries not included.