King Meers: The Musical

Bill Bandits

King Meers: The Musical

7:30pm, Fri 19 November, 2021

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King Meers tells the tale of our little prince Samos, a God who haunts the heavens with his devilish voice and abominable demeanour.

Samos is a nonconformist God whose daily activities include not adhering to societal & heavenly standards. He enjoys visiting Hell after supper and convinces himself that punishment is both a method of discipline and a form of dessert. 

Filled with song and magic, this mystical performance may just change the way you understand the limitless essence of music! 

On November 19th, 2021, allow us to astound you with a show filled with new beginnings, one like no other. We will sing for your ears, and then your heart, or whichever comes first.