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Kilns (Album Launch)

Kilns (Album Launch)

8:30pm, Fri 13 December, 2019

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w/ Bec Goring + David M. Western



Kilns are a four-piece band who play indie-rock songs fuelled by green smoothies, anxiety and friendship.

With the basis of their sound built on a band-in-a-room immediacy akin to Middle Kids, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever or Ceres, Kilns weave together tight vocal harmonies and resonating lyricism that reveals a shared musical education consisting mainly of Crowded House on the family car stereo.
Their debut album is You Can Bet Your House On Me, a collection of ten songs contemplating human relationships and anxiety, with a constant thread of resilience and optimism binding them together. The album documents the first eighteen months of the band's existence, as vocalist/guitarist Mickey Cooper explains:

"The familiar and the unfamiliar, the cool and the uncool, the hi and the lo fi: I've always been drawn to things that are made in the spaces between. I think they have a better shot at avoiding the judgment of time, and instead reveal more of themselves as time passes. Kilns aims to exist in that space between, and
You Can Bet Your House On Me is the documentation of us finding that out."

Off the back of singles Go Slowly, Pinky Finger, and So Close, Kilns have already received national airplay on Triple J’s Home & Hosed, Good Nights with Bridget Hustwaite, and 2019 with Richard Kingsmill. In their relatively short career to date, they’ve shared the stage with some of Australia’s finest indie acts, including San Cisco, British India, PLANET, These New South Whales, Rat!Hammock and Merpire, and have been added to several highly coveted Spotify editorial playlists.