Jess & Matt

The Harbour Agency

Jess & Matt

7:00pm, Sat 5 February, 2022

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Now independent recording artists, the Sydney singer/songwriters have released their first original album, Wildflowers – an ultra-personal document to musical freedom and intense self-discovery.

“We’re free to fail completely by ourselves, no one is guiding us musically, we can be hands-on and it’s really exciting,” Matt Price says. “There’s a new energy, rediscovering a real love for what we do, bringing it back to the acoustic guitar and writing songs the way we used to. This album feels like coming home.”

The husband-and-wife pair had spent several years playing originals before auditioning for TV hit The X Factor in 2015. By their second covers album they found themselves working in Nashville and started plotting Wildflowers, inspired by the town’s confessional songwriting and back-to-basics musicianship.

Wildflowers was fueled by that inward gaze, daily meditation and an impressive list of co-writers and co-producers including Patrick Byrne, Louis Schoorl, Kat Higgins, David Hodges, Steve Solomon, PJ Harding, Phil Barton and Lindsey Jackson. 

But it’s the direct lyrics that sees Wildflowers connect – bravely sharing scars and demons they thought that might be too revealing. “A lot of the songs are about what you learn from bad relationships, and now being at a stage where you can give yourselves fully to each other,” Matt says. “If you changed anything from the past you might not be where you are now, so it’s about celebrating and appreciating the darkness.” 

That concept is where the title Wildflowers came from. “The album celebrates the silver lining, the dark and harsh times being a catalyst for growth, like a wildflower,” Matt says. 

The next step is sharing it with the world, hoping it supplies the joy and healing that creating it gave them. 

“All you hope for is that people will connect to it as much as you did,” Jess says. “Sometimes you just have to go with your gut, even if it's scary, it's exciting to be responsible for whatever happens next.”