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Jazz on Sunday with Andrew Nolte and his Orchestra

Jazz on Sunday with Andrew Nolte and his Orchestra

4:00pm, Sun 8 March, 2020

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Andrew Nolte and His Orchestra

The Orchestra was formed as a result of a lifelong interest in early 20th Century history and thus the inspiration for an ensemble arose out of Andrew Nolte’s vast collection of old records, orchestrations, piano music, film, magazines and newspapers. After their early appearances the Orchestra had developed a reputation for performing music of the 1920s with an unmatched pep and vitality, a dedication to authenticity, and highly focused on engaging their audiences. In an age where the Art Deco age is nearly entirely lost from living memory, the era of the wireless, pre-sound motion pictures and the gramophone it strongly evoked and lives on within the Orchestra!

Each member of the 9 piece ensemble are multi-instrumentalists and boasts extensive musical training and experience; each so committed to the style that most even use instruments and equipment from the 20s. The repertoire is hand picked out of thousands of complete original orchestrations from the post-war decade, selected to be able to evoke any mood as desired for any event or function, providing contrast and versatility. Music ranges from sweet instrumentals to hot novelty vocal numbers to raucous red hot jazz favourites and wildly popular Charleston dance numbers.

Though often favoured for private gala functions, corporate events and weddings, resplendent in their vintage evening attire, the Orchestra has performed at Melbourne’s most prestigious music venues and events, and have gained a standing for their unique entertainment.

Old world music, perhaps, but with the way Mr Nolte delivers it, one could be mistaken that it was 1926 again!



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