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Jackson Carroll - One Missed Call - Single Launch + Elysae + Rochelle Natoli


Jackson Carroll - One Missed Call - Single Launch + Elysae + Rochelle Natoli

7:00pm, Fri 19 February, 2021

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Its time for Jackson to drop his new single - One Missed Call

Off the back of a quiet 2020, Jackson Carroll throws his hat in the ring once again with One Missed Call, his latest single and the start of a new run of music.

According to Jackson, One Missed Call tackles themes of communication and contact, and the need to get in touch with the people around you in difficult times: “I want people to hear this song a s a reminder that there’s always someone you can speak to and there’s always somewhere you can go, even if it might not feel like it”. Carroll, a self-professed introvert, also highlights the virtues of taking time out for yourself to be alone and find quiet and solace in a place where you feel comfortable: “The world is a loud and confusing place. I think it’s really important that people seek out solitude and quiet every once in a while. As long as you know that there will be something to come back to whenever you’re ready to come home”.

In making the song, Jackson says that, initially, it had a very different vibe to the end product: “Originally, it was much slower; 3/4 time, since that’s apparently all I know how to write in. But over time, working it with other people, it became something much brighter and, I think, optimistic, which the message absolutely is”. Jackson attributes the success of the song’s message to the skill of, and relationship with, his collaborators: “Working with Luke [Caruana] and Ian [Pritchett] is always so helpful, there’s a real bond there and a real shared love of music and I think we all click in a lot of ways. The song also features Little Green on guest vocals which I think brings a real sense of community and drives the message of the song home”.

Jackson has been writing and making music since 2018, kicking off with the release of his first single, Holy Hell in 2019, followed by the release of his first EP Name It After Me also in 2019. He cites his biggest musical influences as “whomever I’m listening to at the current moment, but Talking Heads and Radiohead are always constant”. In reflecting on the past year, Jackson still identifies several bright spots musically: “The year kicked off with a national tour supporting The Beautiful Girls, which was  genuinely amazing. I’ve never seen so much of the country, certainly not in so short a span of time. During that time there was also the Make it Rain 2020 benefit concert for bushfire relief, which I was so happy to be a part of. There were some legendary acts over the two nights and it really felt like this groundswell of support that everyone got behind, in and out of the event. Recently I supported Fripps and Fripps as part of the Great Southern Nights initiative, as well as doing a few solo shows of my own around Sydney. On the back of the tour though, I was more than happy to take a break and focus on writing for a while”.

Jackson will be launching One Missed Call at the Potts Point Hotel on Friday the 19th of February. Tickets are available now.