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8:30pm, Fri 13 April, 2018

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Harmony's breathing had slowed to a glacial expansion and contraction. Heart rate almost ambient and blood flow subject to incline or elevation. Cheese dust hardened on the fingers still half in the bag, recliner fully back and tv still on. Activity had been restricted to basic functions; largely the expulsion of waste upon weary drains. From deep in the sunken chest, a minor series of pulmonary carpetbombings yawned fresh blood to the brain. Our eyes are open and we are looking for love.

After four years of intermittent contact, Harmony have showered and gotten dressed and want to impress. The ragged crust of their early offerings is rounded and clean like hull of a yacht. Their bare feet wrapped in slip-ons of immaculate suede. Their first contribution to nautical retribution is Fatal Flaw. Glorious hi fidelity recorded in a community hall and refined to diamond life. Accompanying the release is a clip of quadruple negatives by Tasmanian under lord Visortis.

Harmony launch this precious stone off the docks on Friday the 13th of April at Howler with special guests Cable Ties, Bitumen and The Blinds. Tickets on sale now. /