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\*/ GLITORIS \*/ with special guests Faux Faux Amis & Moaning Lisa

\*/ GLITORIS \*/ with special guests Faux Faux Amis & Moaning Lisa

8:00pm, Sat 10 December, 2016

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"A powerhouse of feminist magnificence" - BMA Magazine

Femme-powered protest band Glitoris present their roaring debut: 'The Disgrace EP'.

Sick to death of being the only women on stage, Glitoris came together to destroy sensibility and stereotypes. As four accomplished musicians and fierce riot-grrls, they are fast becoming the musical outlet for the repressed rage and silenced symbols of our culture. Rejecting the objectification and commodification of bodies, Glitoris roars through its potent blend of loud and raw punk-pop. Think Peaches, Rage Against the Machine and Bikini Kill mixed with shouts of 'GLITORIS!' and "UTERUS!"

With savage lyrics about domestic violence, gender repression and the patriarchy, Glitoris mix raw anger, protest, empowerment and celebration into a potent cocktail of subcultural appeal resulting in a dedicated fanbase: 'THE GLITERATI'.

'The Disgrace EP' is brought to you on 12" vinyl, courtesy of Buttercup Records.

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