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GALLERY: EDEN MULHOLLAND - ‘Hunted/Haunted’ Album Launch

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GALLERY: EDEN MULHOLLAND - ‘Hunted/Haunted’ Album Launch

8:00pm, Fri 20 November, 2015

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In his music, as in life, anything goes. For Eden Mulholland, sadness can be uplifting, desire be as impassive as a rock and memories be as suddenly vivid as the monitor lizards he occasionally sees on his runs up the hill behind his house. If all this sounds poetic then the cap fits. Even his take on pop music involves unexpected arrivals and departures, conventional and operatic voices, ripped apart rhythms and ethereal bridges, solidly resounding hooks and moody ascents. All of this and more is captured in his latest single "The New Old Fashion" and is this is just a taste of what can be expected from his forthcoming album Hunted Haunted due out on October 23rd in Australia.

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