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Flower Boy 'FASCI(N)ATION' EP launch with special guests

Perfect Hair Records

Flower Boy 'FASCI(N)ATION' EP launch with special guests

8:00pm, Thu 5 July, 2018
Freda's, NSW

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Following the release of ‘FASCI(N)ATION’ on June 26, Flower Boy launches her debut EP with a live set on July 5 at Freda’s with special guests to be announced.

Following the release of her debut single 'i just want 2 adore u', Sydney producer Flower Boy shares her first EP 'FASCI(N)ATION' through Perfect Hair Records on June 26.

Flower Boy wrote and released her first demo on Soundcloud within a few hours after downloading a free trial of Ableton Live in mid 2015.

The classically trained musician "grew up in a bubble where I couldn't see anybody around me making music... the only paths I felt like I could take were to be a classical pianist or composer, neither of which were very appealing to me".

Experimenting with music was also a process of overcoming expectations tied to culture, family and gender: "Women tend to be held to a higher standard, and I definitely felt (still feel) pressure from family to deliver."

The past three years for Flower Boy has taken a natural trajectory, evolving into a project of self-expression that has culminated in sharing the stage with the likes of Marcus Whale and HTMLflowers and featuring as FBi Radio's Independent Artist of the Week, as well as the release of debut single 'i just want 2 adore u' via Perfect Hair Records in May 2018.

"As a person who doesn't like to share my feelings and secrets, Flower Boy has become a bizarre kind of middleman... a very sloppy emotional translator. Sharing my feelings is intoxicating, and I feel a cheeky kind of glee that nobody really knows the full story behind my tracks."

Influenced more by emotions than sounds, the music of Flower Boy has been shaped as much by Chopin and Lana Del Rey as it has by nightcore and darker strains of electronic production, reflecting the Sydney artist's refusal to dedicate herself to a single genre when producing or DJing: "I think any music that's ever made me feel could be attributed as an influence."