Filthy Crew Presents: Totty + Velvet Elevator // Space Boys // Grouse // Scab Baby // Spank Bongs

Yours & Owls and Filthy Crew presents

Filthy Crew Presents: Totty + Velvet Elevator // Space Boys // Grouse // Scab Baby // Spank Bongs Tickets

8:00pm, Wed 28 March, 2018
Rad Bar, NSW

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Filthy Crew Presents: TOTTY + Velvet Elevator // Space Boys // Grouse // Scab Baby // Spank Bongs

Filthy Crew is back and with a bang as grunge dog rockers, TOTTY take centre stage. Coming off of back to back national tours for Ruby Fields and SKEGSS, TOTTY have cultivated an insane amount of success especially since they only recently had their 1 year anniversary since their first show. Aside from their 2 national tours, they've been tearing up New South Wales playing alongside bands like The Gooch Palms, Bleeding Knees Club, Horror My Friend, Pist Idiots, Jacuzzi Boys, Drunk Mums, Wavevom, The Hard Aches, Downtown Boys, Crocodylus, Scabz, Raave Tapes, Brad Pot, as well as playing festivals like Yours & Owls and Sounds Of The Suburbs. If you thought last year was hectic, the future is bright and dog filled for these three as 2018 promises to be a huge one. But you'll have to come down and see what all the hype is about, and trust me, they will live up to it.

Joining them will be Wollongong doomy psych lords Velvet Elevator. After a big 2017 with the release of their debut single "Electric Woman" and a coinciding tour Velvet Elevator have established themselves as one of the best bands wollongong has to offer and also a rising force in the Australian psychedelic scene playing alongside bands like L.A Witch, The Pinheads, Amyl and The Sniffers, Rosa Maria, White Blanks, Los Tones, Crocodylus, Kaleidoscope, Pist Idiots and Raave Tapes just to name a few. So be prepared for a near trance inducing set of doom and psychedelia provided by Velvet Elevator.

Coming back for round 2 are local cosmic filth lords Space Boys, who will be bringing their intergalactic noise anthems straight to you only at the cost of a possible sweaty push from the Space Cadet himself. Space Boys for a longtime have been providing some of the best live shows Wollongong has ever seen when playing with bands like These New South Whales, Totty, Wavevom, Hoon, Archy Punker, Lunatics on Pogostics, Bench Press, Cosmic Kahuna, Psychadelic Porn Crumpets, Mesa Cosa and The Gooch Palms just to name a very very small few, so expect fireworks and soreness when boogying with Space Boys.

After announcing they were going on a break to focus on other projects, Grouse finally return to Wollongong for a special one off show. After developing a large cult following up the east coast of New South Wales playing alongside bands like White Blanks, Wavevom, Archy Punker, Pals, Hot Dad, plus more. Expect something truly special as Grouse return for a very special reunion set, trust me you don't want to miss this.

Also returning for a second go for Filthy Crew will be the two young Tom's that comprise Scab Baby. After being a band for less than a year Scab Baby have already cultivated quite a name for themselves bringing their Garage, Psych, Noise Punk to shows alongside Wavevom, Hoon, Archy Punker, Bench Press, Cracker La Touf, Naughty Naughty and The Good Boys, Voiid plus many others. Scab Baby plan to bring the sheer ridiculousness that comes with all of their sets, trust me they aren't one to miss.

And finally to round out this gigantic lineup are the mysterious Spank Bongs. Spank Bongs are 8 stranded Crustion Devils who arrived on earth after their space cruiser intercepted the most disgusting, foreboding pulse their ears had been blessed to was filthy doom bass...they now quest to achieve the galaxies most trash tiled sound...

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