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East of Everything 'Exclusive Album Preview' Tickets

7:30pm, Wed 23 August, 2017
The Wheatsheaf - Adelaide, SA

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The real story of East of Everything began in the summer of 2016 when the lights went out....

"It all started when the electricity bill for my flat in Toorak Gardens failed to be paid on time. I was stuck at home on the couch waiting for the guy from the electricity company to come and turn it back on when Sam called me to catch up for a coffee. Sam has only just come back from a tour overseas so there was plenty to catch up on. I had an idea for a song that I couldn't quite finish and Sam just dived right in and before we knew it the track was done. Then whenever we hung out over the next few weeks...it just kept happening, song after song and now here we are" - Tara Carragher (2017)

South Australian based group 'East of Everything' was born kicking, screaming and entirely unexpected in 2016. A spontaneous writing session that turned into a weekly ritual giving birth to some the most visceral and captivating material to date from founding members Sam Brittain & Tara Carragher.

Accomplished recording/touring artists individually, both Carragher & Brittain are both regular contributors to their home town of Adelaide's thriving original music scene as we as having toured extensively in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe & the U.S. over the past six years releasing 3 EP's and 6 studio albums between them.

Before too long the pair had amassed a collection of new songs with an entirely fresh focus and delivery. The question was...what was it.

"The best bit was it just kept on happening. We'd plan to hang out, always last minute over a coffee, beer on the front porch of The Ranch or late night whiskey soaked YouTube trolling session. It was always spontaneous but every single time a new song or two was finished. Considering we were both working tirelessly to finish recording, promoting and organising the release of our respective solo albums the sheer output of creativity was something I had never experienced before" - Sam Brittain (2017)

By June 2016, the songs were there but the calendar had run out and it was time to hit the road. Already committed to a lengthy tour in Aus, Ireland, England & Germany Sam was off for 9 months promoting the release of his latest LP 'Signal Lights' & Tara doing much the same with 'Wicked World'. The songs were packed up and put on ice for what nearly a year.

In January 2017 upon Sam's return to Australia the pair reunited and it wasn't long before focus began to switch back to this collection of songs and what they were going to become. Being summertime in SA, Adelaide's venues were bursting at the seams due to the Adelaide & Fringe Festivals being in full swing. It was at a show around this time that the final pieces of the puzzle would come together.

"I noticed some friends of mine where playing down at The Governor Hindmarsh for a Neil Young Tribute show called "Helpless". Tara and I are both fans of Neil's music but in addition I was a big fan of the guys putting it on. Tom West's delivery of some of those iconic Young tunes is simply stellar and the bands respect for the music is paramount. I had to check it out once again...I mean why not.

The guys blew me away with a huge 2 hour set with some of the tastiest guitar tones and bass playing I had heard in a long time. The bass parts were simple and direct...no fluffing around. They just were what they needed to be and not a note more, and Todd's guitar tones where just on fire not to mention their voices harmonised seamlessly. Instantly I knew they were the right guys for the job.

 I asked them straight after the show...they both said yes right away; I was absolutely stoked! - Sam Brittain (2017)

With Ryan Martin John's bass duties secured and Todd Sibbin on guitars the only question remained was who would be sitting behind the drums for EOE. Several names were up for consideration but in the end for the bands one and only debut performance in October 2017 long-time friend and highly regarded session drummer BJ Barker was called to fill the stool.

"The output of exciting and fresh sounding material was staggering. It didn't sound like the beginnings of another Sam Brittain record nor were we making another Tara Carragher album. Was it a duo? No...it was a band! No one was backing up the other. It was like having two lead singers that somehow it just works all at once. We had to keep exploring, so that's exactly what we did" - Sam Brittain (2017)


Tickets to see East of Everything live at The Wheatsheaf Hotel are NOW on sale via Moshtix. But be QUICK as both Tara & Sam's last appearances in the last year at this iconic Adelaide venue have SOLD OUT.


"We are so excited to share with you these new songs and share one of our favourite stages in Adelaide for our first ever live performance as East of Everything.


East of Everything


Tara Carragher

Sam Brittain

Ryan Martin John

Todd Sibbin

BJ Barker

Richard Coates

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