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Dr Sketchys Ant-Art School - Sibling Love

Dr Sketchys Ant-Art School - Sibling Love

6:30pm, Thu 29 November, 2018
24 Moons, VIC

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Agent Cleave & Jessie Leigh - Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School SIBLING LOVE

The world's original alternative drawing movement.

Whether you're an artstar or a scribbling newbie, Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School is the perfect place to get your fill of drawing fun.

As has become tradition in Dr Sketchy history, whenever big moments and milestones have to be celebrated we put ourselves in the care of the overwhelming beauty of Agent Cleave.

Cleave brings Jessie Leigh to the stage in a session in tribute to the blood that runs through their veins. The blood that connects them as collaborators, and as family.

"a room full of friendly people, an appreciation for art, beautiful models, unreal costumes and a truck load of fun times." Harxest Mag

Art brings people together, regardless of age, colour, gender or sexual orientation.

Melbourne's underground performance scene is an amazing source of inspiration for artists and is the well from which we draw our models, inviting them to our community where we celebrate the fun often left behind as adults with creativity and drawing.


Whether making love to the camera with those bedroom eyes as a pinup model, or wailing like a banshee as frontwoman of her pub rock band, it is impossible to take your eyes off this entirely self made superstar. JESSI LEIGH'S contribution to art and community are multifaceted, and through her work she has become a clear voice in the body positivity movement, leading by example in the quest for everyone's right to self love. Her mission statement is loud and clear: Every body is a beautiful body.


With a career spanning 9 years and roots in the drag club culture of Melbourne's inner north, AGENT CLEAVE's commitment to character and story have propelled his work internationally. After eliciting rave reviews on the theatre stages of Melbourne and Sydney with the Sister's Grimm, Agent Cleave embarked on his debut solo cabaret 'Show Stopper' for Melbourne Fringe 2014 at the Melba Spiegeltent, an award winning production backed by a three piece rock band.

Having met in 2010, and maintaining a long held working relationship with international recording artist PEACHES in 2015 AGENT CLEAVE found himself in full time touring work as creative contributor and dance performer on her 5th studio record release 'RUB'.

2018 sees AGENT CLEAVE back on home soil to work on an original music collaboration with RICHARD ANDREW of 'The Underground Lovers' in the form of HE CRIES DIAMONDS, with 3 music videos under their belt, and an album ready for release in January.

This will be a touching, sincere, and as always, over the top display of art making - both on and off the stage! We hope very much to see you there and send of an enormous year of Sketchy shenanigans.

And Mel? Well, Mel is focusing her attention on art workshops for marginalised community and Dead Letter Club. Dr Sketchy will most certainly appear, just a little less frequently - but a lot bigger when it does!

Like Kurt Vonnegut said "practising an art, no matter how well or how badly is a way to make your soul grow".

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