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Dicey's Saturdays x Gnarfest w/ Topnovil // UTI // Froth Dogs // The Culture Industry // The Grounds // Grasshole // Special Guests

T.C.I Productions & Yours & Owls presents

Dicey's Saturdays x Gnarfest w/ Topnovil // UTI // Froth Dogs // The Culture Industry // The Grounds // Grasshole // Special Guests

8:00pm, Sat 4 April, 2020

Event Details

Dicey Riley's have teamed up with Yours & Owls to bring you a free weekly party of punk, rock'n'roll and alternative music.

With bands from both interstate and the home-grown talent pool, music will kick off from 9pm EVERY Saturday with FREE entry.

Welcoming Special Guests:


 - Topnovil

Born in 1997 out of the Wollongong punk scene, Topnovil is an authentic fourth generation Aussie punk rock'n'roll band. Heavily influenced by "77" Punk and third generation punk rock bands, you can hear where the lads developed their distinctive Punk Rock sound.

Sharing their lives, times and loves through the years; Topnovil use socialist lyrics and tunes that are fast, short, catchy, to put on a powerfully paced show. These boys are everything you need in a punk rock fix. With truth in lyrics; they write about dealing with the cards you've been dealt. The art of storytelling through lyrics is not lost on this band.

Topnovil's extensive body of work includes festivals performances, Australian tours and International Supports. They have shared the stage with great bands such as; The Bouncing Souls, US Bombs, H Block 101, The Casualties and The Business just to name a few. They have appeared on TV including Channel V, had tracks featured on various punk compilations, released 5 Independent EP's, an 18 track record due and a split vinyl release with Perth Rockabilly legends The Blazin Entrails.

Topnovil's on stage chemistry provides high energy and intense shows, never giving anything less. Not just another "Street Punk" band, the bass driven rhythm, guitar hooks in every tune and singalong gang vocals make you sing their tunes when times are rough.. The lads are inspired by friends, families and people that dig the music and above all to tell their story.

Given the chance Topnovil will become part of your life, with their show giving you the chance to forget yourself. It has been a long ride meeting great folks along the way, sleeping on the floors in many a punk share house. Memories of fun times drinking with the crew that come to the shows are endless and will never be forgotten.


- UTI 

19 years ago in a garage in Dapto 3 high school friends with a passion for punk music and surfing formed the band Under The Influence. UTI played as a 3 piece around the Wollongong music scene with original member Shane Kinerson [Kino] doing main vocals and drumming. On bass was Luke Malone [Moey] and on lead guitar was former member Glen Robertson {Robo]. In 2009 after several line up changes Chris Curci joined on bass and Moey switched to lead guitar. UTI continued playing this lineup for the next few years and recorded the album Wasted Youth with solid feedback from Wasted Youth Kino decided to step up his signing game and handed over the drum roll [pun intended] to Daniel Southern [Chicken Wing]. if you have seen or heard Under The Influence with this energetic combination you will know they are dedicated to the music, Nothing is held back and it is raw and intense.


- Froth Dogs 

Froth Dogs are an aussie punk rock band from the Central Coast, New South Wales. With songs about meat pies, longies, dog shit, shitting yourself and more, the band covers hard hitting subjects that concern everyday Australians.
Taking influence from bands such as Frenzal Rhomb, Cosmic Psychos, NOFX, Guttermouth, The Vandals, Pennywise and more, Froth Dogs deliver their own brand of aussie/bogan punk that most punk rock fans will enjoy.
Get a Froth Dog up ya!


- The Culture Industry

The Culture Industry is an Australian 'Grunkpunge' trio from Wollongong NSW.

Established in 2014 the current line up consists of Gnarly on guitars and lead vocals, Nagy on bass and vocals and Leemoss on drums and vocals. Having known each other for over ten years the band have developed an intense chemistry that have solidified a strong reputation in the underground scene.
With a DIY hardworking ethos, the boys made their international tour debut last February, playing to a very enthusiastic Indonesian Punk crowd which you can check on their music vid 'Snitch'.
Their latest Music vid 'Dying in the streets' has also just been released showing how homlessness is a massive problem in our home country.
Their latest single 'The Purge' is also set for release on November 9th under Wreckless Enterprises, along with some amazing bands, the vinyl compilation is available for pre-sales now!
Having played alongside of some of Australia's biggest punk bands, The Culture industry are set to continue playing shows and to not follow any trends of the music industry whatsoever, their new album being a testament to this!

Behind the scenes
"They are without a doubt one of the few bands I know around Wollongong keeping the punk scene alive and kicking."

Happy Mag
"Wollongong outfit The Culture Industry's debut album is to the point, unrelenting, and hard-hitting as ever, solidifying their head thrashing status."


- The Grounds

Following on from their 2015 self-titled debut, THE GROUNDS have re-united with fellow Novocastrian producer Geoff Mullard, with masterer extraordinaire Jason Fuller from Goatsound in Victoria, sprinkling the fairy dust, to unleash a nine-song slab of short, sharp and unpretentious punk rock and roll.
From the lurching swirl of noise that begins the aptly titled Intro, to the Dead Kennedys-esque closer Bringing Me Down, DESPERATE LIVING is an album that just won't quit (well, until it does, obviously).
THE GROUNDS is a motley collection, that should know better, reveling in loud, loose rock and roll with more than a smattering of punk rock sensibility. With members from such eclectic outfits as Rubix Cuba, Moth, Muzzy Pep, The Great Dividing Range, Tax Sea Cabs, Grannyfist and Dog, this is a band whose sound will grab you by the throat from the first chord, melt your face, shake you around a bit, and shout you a schooner afterwards.


- Grasshole

Grasshole are a three-piece Rock outfit from Melbourne, Australia.

Grasshole combine elements of Grunge, Heavy Rock and Punk-Pop to create their endearing and progressive sonic. Drawing influence from the early 90's Seattle scene, their sound is described as
heavy, fuzzy, energetic and deeply melodic.

The band debuted in 2013 with the self-titled EP 'GRASSHOLE'. The EP secured airplay on many college radio stations within the United States. They have since developed a reputation for a high-octane live show that has gained a very strong following, both locally in Australia, and internationally.

Grasshole followed up their debut release in 2015 with their 2nd EP 'THE UNIFICATION
PROCLAMATION'. The EP was added to rotation on over 90 US Radio Stations and debuted at #1 on 3 stations. 2016 saw Grasshole embark on their first international tour, playing shows across Spain and Sweden, including several festivals.

2017 involved Grasshole completing the recording of their first full length LP 'FUZZ OF FLAVOUR. Grasshole completed 3 National Tours supporting the first singles in Australia, and one international
tour in Indonesia promoting the album. The band smashed out 85 shows over a year and a half, and their working reputation began to spread. The single 'Van Inhalin', which was the first offering from
FUZZ OF FLAVOUR was added to many Australian radio station playlists, whilst the film clip quickly made its way onto MTV Australia.

Grasshole's debut album 'Fuzz Of Flavour' was produced and mixed by Angus Davidson (Crowded House, INXS). The legendary Lindsay Gravina (Hole, Jet, The Living End, Cosmic Psychos) also
mastered the album.

Since then the band have lowered their eyes to focus on recording their highly anticipated follow up second LP 'WILDFIRE' through April-May 2019. The band looks forward to touring the songs extensively across Australia and Europe in the second half of 2019



Featuring spoken word poetry from JP Kavanagh and Raffles/Prizes

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