Dee Minor & The Dischords

Dee Minor & The Dischords

9:00pm, Sat 23 December, 2023
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During 1979 the band started to play the Sydney pub circuit with a lead singer who wanted to shock audiences; to have them stand at a bar with a beer in their hand, turn their attention to the stage and say “What the?” Good, bad or indifferent, he just wanted a reaction. By late 1981, the line-up included extraordinary members that were to take the band to heights rarely achieved by unrecorded acts. These 4 musos, Craig “Wacca” (Guitar), “Baby Arms Ray” (Drums), “Spole” (Bass), and Neal “Lill Nell” (Sax and Vocals) made up the revered Dischords as the backbone of the band. Along with their lead vocalist, Dee Minor and the Dischords slogged hard in Sydney pubs and clubs in the 1980s. Crowds grew at many venues during this period, responding well to the band’s rock sound and wild stage show.  

Dee Minor and the Dischords became a minor legend in Australian rock and roll, often outdrawing major artists with top ten records at the time. At the end of 1982, an EP was released through RCA records and the band continued to grow in stature and draw unequalled crowds in Sydney through their unique and wild on-stage antics. Their show drew a wide range of audiences and consistently outdrew many other acts who had top ten singles at the time. By 1983, there was nothing minor about this band. From booking agents to venue promoters, they all stood up and took notice. Pubs filled across Sydney and the booze flowed wherever they played. Some publicans claimed they had the highest beer sales per head of any act. (circa: 1983-Sefton Hotel quoted 2nd highest figures). Crowds rocked at their live shows, drank copious quantities of beer … but also had a bit of a laugh at some of the on-stage antics the band got up to. During this time, Dee Minor could often be found hanging upside down like a bat off the front lighting rig. In fact, any venue that had a pole indoors generally found Dee Minor climbing it. Taking the mickey out of himself and others, the show was at times full on, and at other times, comical. Craig “Wacca” Wachholz, often described as one of Australia’s wildest guitarists, occasionally punched the neck of his guitar up through the ceiling of any venue that had one low enough to reach. He would twist the guitar and leave it hanging, its feedback screaming through his Marshall amp as the crowd yelled for an encore. (The band often paid for damages in those days). 

Dee Minor and the Dischords shows are wild times - times when all members of the band (except ‘Baby Arms’ Ray on drums) found themselves aerial during a show. Neal “Lil’ Nell” MacDonald, in particular, along with his strong vocals and punchy sax lines, developed a reputation of crashing through stages. Busting through chipboard stages in some Sydney pubs became the band’s calling card, some of which were re-built the next day. Over the years they have played to tens of thousands, with such acts as Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Icehouse, Jimmy & the Boys, Radiators, Mi-Sex, Swanee, Split Enz, Choir Boys, Allnighters, Angels, INXS, SpyVSpy, Rose Tattoo as well as international acts including Motorhead, Ian Gillan (ex Deep Purple), Lena Lovich and others. They appeared on “Hey Hey its Saturday,” Channel 7’s “Sounds” with Donnie Sutherland and were in the ABC series “Watch This Space.” In 1997, Dee Minor & the Dischords returned to the stage with “The Boys Are Back In Town” shows at many large venues across Sydney and Newcastle with bands such as the Radiators, Swanee, Spy V Spy, Choir Boys etc.

Now, in 2023, they are back celebrating having the same line-up of the last 42 years, doing a few limited and selected shows, and they promise that none of the magic and energy will be lost. In particular, they are looking forward at coming to one of Sydney's most iconic and supportive venues for live bands - The Bridge Hotel.