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Colour Machine - "Strengthen My Hands" EP Launch - Melb

Colour Machine, House of SAP and Kick Push PR Presents

Colour Machine - "Strengthen My Hands" EP Launch - Melb

8:00pm, Fri 7 December, 2018

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Colour Machine head to Melbourne to launch their newest EP "Strengthen My Hands".

Backed by singles "Laughing Last", "Maverick" & "21st Century", "Strengthen My Hands" is the latest project by Colour Machine. The EP is a more personal affair then what the band has offered previously, with the lyrics exploring themes of hope, loss and faith, and the music incorporating genres as broad as hip hop, folk and funk in combination with the band's signature alternative rock.

In support, the band will be heading interstate across late November and early December, heading to Melbourne for 2 shows on December 6 and 7 with friends Telescreen and Hot Glue. With special musical guests, a carefully crafted live performance and the band's trademark energy, the show promises to be one to remember. 

The EP is a further development in the band's sound and style, and lyrically, a question mark over the things that we try not to think about. What happens when we look out at the bar and it could be empty, for all the connecting that people are really doing? What happens when our own integrity turns out to be false? What happens when we want to be anything but what we are?

A question, a statement, a prayer, a final word.



Nov 29 - Orion Centre, Sydney

Nov 30 - The Factory Fusebox, Sydney w/ Gostwyck, Sampson & Slow Culture

Dec 6 - Melbourne Pavilion, Melbourne

Dec 7 - The Reverence Hotel, Melbourne w/ Telescreen & Hot Glue

Dec 14 - The Hotel Metropolitan, Adelaide w/ Lost Woods & Ripcord

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