Collaborate or Die

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11:00am, Wed 1 June, 2016
Vivid Ideas Exchange, NSW

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In recent years few words have been as synonymous with innovation and success as 'collaboration'. But how much does the buzzword promise - and how much does it actually deliver?

Collaborate or Die will bring together a panel of top creative professionals from a variety of industries to explore their experiences of collaboration. We will examine themes such as how collaboration works for individual creatives compared to bigger brands, and delve into the process of determining the 'true' value of a collaboration. Or put more simply - to find out when it's worth it and when it's not.

Who is it for?
This event is for anyone wanting to harness the power of collaboration in their creative projects, practices and organisations. It will shed much needed light on the underexposed processes and approaches that help create a truly successful collaboration.

Independent creatives, artists, small business owners, senior managers and members of larger organisations will all benefit from the insights shared in Common Knowledge's Collaborate or Die event.

What to expect
With presentations from each of the speakers followed with a Q&A session, this is a rare opportunity to gain valuable insignts from a panel of influencial creative professionals. Not only will you walk away with a toolkit of practical tips, you will also be able to connect with like minded individuals, meet potential collaborators and contribute the value of your own personal experience to the larger conversation.

This event is presented by Common Knowledge.