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Coco Poco Loco present - A Halloween Party

Coco Poco Loco

Coco Poco Loco present - A Halloween Party

9:30pm, Sat 31 October, 2015
24 Moons, VIC

Event Details

A Coco Poco Loco hair (and FUND)-raising fancy dress Halloween party

The chill wind blows through the festival grounds. Tendrils of fog clear enough only to make out gnarled roots and twisted branches of trees that seem to reach out to clutch. A menacing red glow shines through the haze and a sound pierces the night air - high at first, then deepening, building, becoming more intense with every passing second. The sound becomes louder and shriller, quickly reaching a deafening crescendo.... And then ..... whomp whomp whomp whomp. The kick drops and the drinks bell tolls!!!

The new Coco Poco Loco Art Car shines through the night, resplendent in its new, renovated glory!

The good looking ghouls, gallant ghosts and rather sexy vampires feast their eyes upon the brass fittings, lush carpet and rather dashing lampshades that they made possible by being their devilish selves and coming to the CPL Halloween Party.

Fancy Dress - in your best and scariest Halloween outfit

Be entertained - with your favourite Coco DJ's, special guests, live acts and a few cheeky surprises

At 24 Moons Northcote

BEWARE - CPL Events sell out! Get your ticket whilst there is still time!

All funds raised go to making your next festival even better (and the occasional charity of our choice).