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Circadia - Static Session

Yours & Owls Presents...

Circadia - Static Session

7:30pm, Fri 28 January, 2022
La La La's, NSW

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Ever get to a gig and find it hard to get into the swing of it? Dance moves feeling stiff? Singing voice out several keys? Fear not. Circadia and La La La's bring to you the Static Session: a non-dancing, non-singing, non-denominational service to satiate your musical yearning. Expect intimacy the likes of which you'd never have dreamed possible to receive from six people standing on a stage. Expect shivers up and down your spine. Expect the unexpected.

So sit (or stand) back and relax as Circadia do what they do best and dance their way sonically through the palaces of your mind.
DJ's in the lane beforehand to get you in the mood. Wollongong's finest upstairs from late till later.