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China Beach

China Beach

10:00pm, Sat 24 April, 2021

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It's time. The winds are blowing, the waves are crashing and a cobra stirs gently in the sand, awaking from a deep sleep. 

A whisper in the wind slowly grows into soothing song and on the breeze you hear faint lyrics. "My Mind", it calls.

"...on the weekend" it croons.

"Shed your shoes and your stockings.." it beckons.

A deep rumble,

"Uncoil the Cobra" booms over the evening sky and you find yourself enveloped by the waves.

You tumble deep down to the bottom of the ocean. Into the Night Cat, a dark and mysterious place. Your boots groove and your hips begin to move uncontrollably.

A mysterious fringed figure emerges from the deep, his long hair and flairs flowing behind him.

Aside him are six sea creatures, each brandishing aquatic instruments.

He leans down and the stormy current subsides, suddenly you feel calm, safe and at peace.

"Welcome home" he says,

"Welcome back, to China Beach."