House Of Burlesque Presents


8:00pm, Sat 18 November, 2017
Eureka Hotel - Richmond, VIC

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House Of Burlesque Presents

Once again The House of Burlesque promises to thrill and enthral all who attend their latest show - CABARET BERLIN. It promises to be a spectacularly outrageous collective performance! This show is inspired by the days when showgirls performed in the city of Berlin in between the war years of the 20th century. This was the time when affluent Berlin was a thriving city of rich and alternative entertainment and the visual arts. It was indeed the home of European Burlesque and the more risqué the better!

Let The House of Burlesque transport you back in time so you enter a world of dark, daring and breathtaking Burlesque dance among other extraordinary acts. Melbourne's premier show-stopping events team have yet again prepared an incredible night to tantalise and tickle the senses and you're invited.

This event will be one of the best-selling House of Burlesque performances, so don't risk missing out; all past events have sold out in hours.

MC Matthew Hardgraft
Our MC for the night is Matthew Hardgraft, one of the very best in Melbourne. With his inspiring set, he brings comedy to music and takes it to the stage. Matthew boasts a unique ability to really rouse a party, he is a fascinating MC who involves and interacts with his audience. Witness his incredible talent on the piano - his own unique style is what's made him a megastar in Australian cabaret.

Anthony De Masi
We are thrilled to welcome our renowned magician for the night is the wondrous Anthony De Masi who will amaze you with his mesmerising trickery. Already immensely popular and a regular performer at many of Melbourne's major events including the Grand Prix, Australian Opens and more, De Masi uses a remarkable combination of interactive magic. We know he will be utterly mind-blowing to watch.

De Masi is one of Melbourne's new breed of comedy magicians, His set is definitely designed for a young and modern audience and comprises of fun, innovative and confounding magic, just astonishing!

Gazelle Plays The Scarlett Whore Of Berlin
We are delighted to announce that celebrated performer, Gazelle will once again return to The House of Burlesque to titillate the crowd with an intoxicating alter ego - Anita Berber, otherwise known as The Scarlett Whore of Berlin.

Anita Berber was a well-educated young lady with an intoxicating temperament who was tempted into the world of Burlesque in the 1920's. With her androgynous good looks, the German dancer, actress and writer became quite a sensation! Anita was one of the first ever women to dance on stage naked in 1918 and this paved the way for barely dressed Chorus Girls in Weimar's Berlin. The erotic dancer even inspired young artists, including Marlene Dietrich and was the noteworthy muse behind Otto Dix famous nude painting. Anita was further famed for making lesbianism and bisexuality in Germany a fashion statement at the time.

This is your chance to see Anita perform one of her own remarkable sexual fantasies with the inspirational dance of De Gross Babylon. Living on a diet of cocaine opium and morphine which no doubt fuelled Anita's creativity, Gazelle will amaze you with her erotic Whore of Berlin inspired ensemble!

Half Man/Half Woman

We celebrate sexual freedom with a tribute to Salon Kitty (1976) a film based in Weimar Berlin and featuring the popular visual arts of the era. The film starred Ingrid Thulin as Kitty Kellermann and focuses on the entertainment that created such a storm in that era.

Reminiscent of the Weimar Berlin Burlesque movement, the act will be performed by a half-faced dancer, a tribute to the time. The audience will be encouraged to join in with the energetic performance that promises to be an arousing and alluring piece.

Pink Minx
We are thrilled to announce that adored performer Pink Minx returns to The House of Burlesque. The ever-popular Romy Haag is Pink Minx, dancer, singer, actress and former nightclub manager. Known as one of David Bowie's muses, she captured his heart from the front row of one of his fabulous concerts. Indulge yourself in her disco-glamour and mischievous personality, for one night only! You can see her fascinating performance and marvel at her alluring and extraordinary talents. 

Melanie Jade
Native-born Melanie Jade is used to performing all around the world and has wowed audiences at London Fashion Week and DC Pride Festival to name but two of many exceptional events. Melanie's talents know no bounds. As a child, she fell in love with circus skills, inspired by the aerial hoop which she was later trained in. An accomplished musician too, she has had a hit song reaching number 15 in the European Top 40 and has written a musical score for a film that premiered at the Cannes Festival, as well as for many Netflix series. Tonight, she combines her unique aerial hoop skill with music, paying homage to world-famous German actress and singer, Marlene Dietrich with an act that will astound you!

Pink Minx Will Continue To Delight & Titillate The Audience With Another Act

La Jana
This tantalising seductive dance performed by Pink Minx is based on one of the 1930's most famous Burlesque stars, La Jana, who appeared in many revues in Berlin, Stockholm and London (to name a few). She was even presented to her audience semi-naked on a silver platter in Casanova. Following this performance, she became the talk of Berlin. Mistress of Crown Prince Wilhelm who was besotted with her, there was a rumour that she had an affair with Joseph Goebbels, although some people believe it may even have been with Hitler himself.

Charlie Chaplin was another man who fell for her charms however, it is documented that she was married or co-habiting with Michael Bohnen, opera singer.

With an impressive bad reputation - let Pink Minx take you back to La Jana's time as an erotic performer and captivate you as she did hundreds of thousands of others.



Adam (formerly 'Dear Bobby') is an acclaimed multi-discipline artist of unrivalled style and sensual sensibility. Known as the 'boy beauty' of burlesque, the allure of his languid and liquid frame and deep Arabian eyes will have you at attention from opening curtain.
" Watching him move through our photoshoot from costume to costume is like a watching a lyrebird absorb and interpret the surrounding sounds of the forest." - The Times, Theatre
"Next minute the crowd were being treated to the erotic stylings of male burlesque act Adam. It was a shock, to say the least, at being witness to a well-toned man prancing around in a g-banger. Reservations aside, it takes serious cajones to do what this guy did, so kudos Adam" - Vulture Magazine


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