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7:30pm, Fri 12 November, 2021

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C.C.McKenzie (& The Shiners) Album Launch with special guests The Emma Bosworth Band, Karl S. Williams

C.C. McKenzie has spent much of his life as a hired gun. Whether he’s been composing Music for international Films or TV series or commercials to playing guitar for Powderfinger on two tours, he has always had to play, create, replace or write what was needed ... until NOW!

Like a bear coming out of hibernation so does C.C. McKenzie seem to at times appear without warning bearing songs filled with deep dark beautiful secrets he has gathered on his travels and in his life. Isolation, beauty, love and demons dominate his writing and take you to distant places to explore the boundaries of emotions.

From playing guitar in the London Acid Jazz scene in the 90’s to playing guitar for Powderfinger on two tours in the 2000’s to many years of film and tv composing , C.C. has a depth of musical knowledge few attain in one lifetime. He prefers to spend his time travelling and exploring to places unseen much like his musical journey that has led him now to his latest mini album ‘In Blue’ set to be released November 11th. A collection of songs that you could pack in a suitcase and take with you anywhere in the world. McKenzie brings the rich experience of his musical journey with layered songs expertly composed and transcendental in approach, together with some of the country’s most accomplished musicians to the album. The reflective mix of tracks on the mini album, to be fully released in October, includes contributions from Adele Pickvance (Adele & the Chandeliers, The Go-Betweens), Tony McCall - Drums. (Wolfmother, Resin Dogs, Regurgitator, etc), and Skritch (Tex Perkins and the Dark Horses and Mary Trembles),who played in McKenzie’s band Ranger in the mid-2000s.

“A big part of my life has been about gathering circle of musicians who are good friends, but also people I trust to extract every ounce of possibility from a track”

C.C. McKenzie & 'The Shiners’ are:

Adele Pickvance - Bass (The Go-Betweens, Dave Graney, Adele & the Chandeliers, etc)

Tony McCall - Drums. (Wolfmother, Resin Dogs, Regurgitator, etc)

C.C. McKenzie - Guitar and Vocal