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Swanky Array Presents


5:00pm, Sat 17 April, 2021 - 2:00am, Sun 18 April, 2021

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Sydney's MOST Talented Art & Music Curators from different mediums & disciplinary come together to put on an EXCLUSIVE & UNFORGETTABLE night FOR THE CITY.

Ayebatonye Abrakasa is a DJ, multidisciplinary artist, curator and Creative Director of DIY Arts Platform Irregular Fit of Nigerian heritage working and living on Gadigal Land.   

Through her arts practice Ayebatonye has explored existentialism and absurdism as it relates to her surroundings, her identity and its intersections. As a DJ, Ayebatonye is best known for her eclectic sonic stylings of Chicago house, Detroit techno, Gqom and an array of global electronic sounds and has played in venues around the world, recently invited to open for the Underground Resistance at Tresor in  Berlin, Germany.

She is a former Board member of the Red Rattler Theatre and is part of the Australia Council for the Arts Future Leaders 2020-2021 cohort. Outside of the arts Ayebatonye undertakes community engagement work part time at Anti-Discrimination NSW.


 EDGEZ  is the moniker of twenty-one year old Serina Lunatte, a Vietnamese singer, songwriter born and raised in Sydney whose sound revolves around dark future R&B with influences of electronic and hip hop elements.


Jason Winston is a Sydney based musician, dj, and actor. His music is an exploration of queer love with evocative dance floor beats fused with lyrical authenticity. DJ’ing as part of the amorphic group ‘The Dollar Bin Darlings’, Jason Winston will be branching out from the disco, brewing up house, deep and techno (beam me up!). Jason has received radio play for his EP Wonderboy from Radio Adelaide, FBI Radio, Triple J Unearthed Radio, and 4ZZZ in Brisbane. 

Most recently he won Best Music at the Melbourne Fringe Festival for his music on the guided dance floor meditation experience, ‘Mind the Dancer’. Come and see him in American Psycho the Musical at the Opera House in June.


Masei  is an independent  up & coming artist with Samoan roots repping the Bankstown Area, making upbeat music,  so far has released three singles which are racking in the views on YouTube, with the single "Brand New" featuring Leonaitasi & Jck and Man Down with over 32,000+ views. Definitely an artist  to watch out for. 


Chanel.Deejay, our local superstar will be behind the decks on the night playing some CRAZY TUNES to get you GROOVY on the DANCE FLOOR!


MADAMI, also known as Micah Jey  Meet MADAMI. in her own words "I’ve always had a love affair with the dance floor, aways finding it hard to peel myself away once I’ve stepped on one. It’s been an evolving desire of mine to make and play music to dance and surrender to on the dance floor. I draw my inspiration from the disco movement, my queer community, soulful grooves and a dash of funk."

What is MADAMI? "It’s a word in my language that means more and or a lot. Growing up I was often told that I was a lot or ‘too much’ and I essentially wanted to own and hone that. Then I realised the word Madam was also in there. 

So a lot of women and more women is the mantra behind this project. Nothing inspires me more deeply than strong empowered women really owning their identity and spreading their divine feminine goodness."

"Sooo if you’re interested in celebrating and or connecting with your feminine side come along for a ride 💖 you’re welcome here."

Dark Cinema will be behind visual art installations, a resident at SWANKY ARRAY. 


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