Beaút XVIII / Dark Beaút - Beaút LIVE with MISS BLANKS

Beaút XVIII / Dark Beaút - Beaút LIVE with MISS BLANKS Tickets

8:30pm, Sat 14 October, 2017 - 5:00am, Sun 15 October, 2017

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Doors 8.30pm $20 Entry

Hey babies!

Now that we've finished thawing, we're finally able to share with you the Beaút gem we've been developing in our hibernation.

SO, the move to Saturday means that we can now start earlier and bring more to you.

As such, we'd like to introduce the very first BEAÚT LIVE at our upcoming October Beaút.

BEAÚT LIVE starts from 8.30PM and will be presenting live musical acts every month, from now on. We have wanted to diversify the music that we share at our events for so long, but with parties being what they are, we've only focused on the wonderful world of dance til a Beaút dawn music... until now.

BEAÚT LIVE will introduce musical acts of all genres to you each month under light or dark themes as with all other art, performance, fashion and showcase we've shared. It's time to celebrate the incredible diversity of Beaút af local musical talent that we so love.

For the very first BEAÚT LIVE we are so pleased to present Miss Blanks who will be flying to Melbourne specifically for Beaut XVIII.

"Miss Blanks is the new face of Australian hip-hop. With fire rhymes, hot style, a stage presence like no other, and an ass to drop jaws, Miss Blanks is blowing up the scene in a way that's too loud for the mainstream to ignore. Her explosive debut single 'Clap Clap' snapped necks and blew minds upon its release, and saw the industry clamber to celebrate this new, powerful voice from Brisbane. Industry heavyweights like Complex, i-D/Vice, Pilerats,  Purple Sneakers, Acclaim, and NLV Records have all sung her praises - celebrating her
confident sexuality and strong message of positivity & femme empowerment as a force to be reckoned with."

We are so damn lucky to have this inimitable force launch our first ever Beaút Live. We cannot, cannot, cannot wait to introduce the electricity of this show to you. Do come early to get in! The room will pack out fast for this rising star.

After this exciting launch, we are poised to delve deep into the latest instalment of Dark Beaút (the crowd fav, right?). Expect what you know, be prepared for what's to come. We always enter the room with some aces up our sleeves ;) .


Nothing but love forever, bbs.

And please, please, please vote YES for the equal right to express, commit and enjoy love. Love is Love. It knows no bounds, and no one should try and determine who should love, how, or to what extent they can enjoy this gift.




Gavin Campbell
Chiara Kickdrum
Salvador Darling
Luke Agius

Jason Ebeyer (IG: @jasonebeyer)
Alex Dubois (IG: @hearattracks)
More TBA

Announcements cumming swoon. xo

The Midnight XXXTRAVAGANZA - A free-for-all contestant walk off in full costumed/alter ego looks. The winner is our next Coverbae. WALK-OFF AT 1AM.


An exploration of our dark side. It's the shadows that pervade your brain dying to get some light, and the darkness that is just so damn pleasurable when released.

There's no light without darkness, and we love the depth of beaúty that holds. And this is how our parties cycle: light/ dark/ light/ dark...and so forth.

Check our Insta feed for your Dark Beaút inspo. It will be full blown Dark Beaút vibes this month. No holding back. @beautclub


As always, we're dedicated to providing that safe space for you to dress up, get down and dance with us 'til dawn. BEAÚT is committed to tricking up our party to take you through a journey of abandon and sensory overload.

BEAÚT CHARACTERS We've been lucky to have some of Melbourne's finest and most colourful characters come on board to host/present this party with us. You've met some of them on Insta, and we'll continue to introduce the rest. They're ready to party with you.


BEAÚT PATRONS ARE open, individualistic and expressive individuals residing in Melbourne and beyond. They live out an ethos dedicated to cultivating honest and caring community. They are of any sexuality and any gender. They are creative, vibrant people that find unique expression through art, costume, dance, character, thought or spirit. They are whimsical, ideal and real. They are a supportive group of adults from all walks of life, of all ages, all sexual orientations, all spiritual inclinations, all colours, and all genders. They are deeply valued by BEAÚT.

X x x x

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