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9:00pm, Sat 31 October, 2015

Event Details

On October 31st, BBE are proud to present a show worth staying out until the witching hour for… Trap’s original star BAAUER (USA) will take over Oxford Art Factory for his long-awaited Australian return.

Baauer is not only hip-hop's future, but also happens to be the fundamental fixture of the electronic movement today. Obviously, his massive worldwide smash "Harlem Shake" changed what it means to have a #1, and allowed people to see a different side of instrumental music, but his presence has pervaded far beyond that. Baauer continues to redirect the perpetually homogenizing world of dance music, by not only changing what the music sounds like, but how its' delivered. He has redefined the producer as artist, and in turn opened up a conversation that couldn't be more relevant as the world moves into 2015.

Sonically, Baauer exists in a world of his own. His music is uniquely New York sounding, somewhere in the future of Brooklyn... But draws from cultures and stories around the world. Its as if he's digesting the world through the eyes of the city. He has lived all over the world, and settled, finally, in Brooklyn - in more ways than one.

With every page turned in the Baauer story, we realize this man is on a path untraveled. He's foraging ahead in his own image, unaffected by the expectations of his peers. His vision, materializing a bit every day, has begun to spring to life. A city full of life. Lions roaming the streets, drum circles in the elevators. He has created a space so magically real, that we have begun to see it as he does, unrestricted and unrelenting in energy.