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Batpiss // Private Function // Supports TBA

Yours & Owls presents

Batpiss // Private Function // Supports TBA

8:00pm, Sat 9 September, 2017
Rad Bar, NSW accessibility-icon
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Capitalising on the charging success of their haunting 'Weatherboard Man' single, Melbourne dirge-rock lords BATPISS will reign triumphant when they release their new LP 'Rest in Piss' via Poison City July 14. Listen to new tune 'Paralyzed' today, and prepare yourself for their upcoming album tour.

Paralyzed rages against the deep, disconcerting apathy of modern Australia. Scathing guitars kick hard into Batpiss's signature, wintery tremulous bass sound. This is true, classic Collingwood rock'n'roll at its most fearsome and fearless. Muddy and driving, 'Paralyzed' bears all the vitriolic hallmarks of frontman Thomy Sloane's observant, critical lyrical drawl. A fiery concoction.


Discordant and dissonant, 'Rest in Piss' is Batpiss's third LP, and the most incredibly-titled release you'll see this side of the Pacific in 2017. Recorded and produced by Gareth Liddiard of The Drones (a match made in gritty rock heaven), it follows the wild community radio success of first single 'Weatherboard Man'. That saw the band sell-out Collingwood's Gasometer to the hilt last month, delivering a confronting and committed set and introducing a series of new material from the record.

Paul Piss kindly expanded on the record's themes and artwork: "The cover is from a painting i'd done earlier in the year. I'd been mucking around with some messy portraits and abstract stuff using oils and oil pastels. After a month or two of sitting in the shed all night pushing paint around, we had about a dozen to choose from. The album itself is about dead mates and some of the stuff that comes with missing them, so we settled on the face, and the title pretty easily.Marty nailed the design and layout in one go, then we had a few vape bags, listened to John Lennon, and here we are..."

And there's an album tour, of course. Headlining their spiritual home The Tote and flanked by a series of regional and capital city dates, you so do not want to miss Batpiss live. Beat Magazine loved the trio's recent sold out Melbourne date, raving "what was a calm looking pub crowd...became a rocking and rolling, sweaty mass of people by the time Batpiss were done with them."

Evidence that Batpiss are not entirely occupied with doom and gloom: the band saw some of their tracks reimagined in a gospel (you heard right, gospel) style by Nick "The Grinch" Finch of Graveyard Train fame for a limited Record Store Day 7" release month. Appropriately titled 'Baptist', the band endorsed it as "some amazing shit."

'Rest in Piss' traverses with gigantic, purposeful leaps, this record delves deep into the darkest, dankest parts of the Australian psyche.

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