Alotta Presha // Sub-Tribe //Nautilus Sound // Cowboy Monz

Yours & Owls Presents...

Alotta Presha // Sub-Tribe //Nautilus Sound // Cowboy Monz

7:00pm, Sat 27 March, 2021
La La La's, NSW

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Event Details

This event has been rescheduled, date TBC (disregard event date)

Greetings friends,

Well heck the world’s having a time isn’t it? Obviously the gig is off. Sorry about the lack of communication, things have been moving so fast and we were trying to figure out what best to do (plus you’re better off listening to health experts right now, not bands). We’d just like to say, thank you so much for everyone who bought a ticket and made this a highly illegal event! Many of you gave generously with the “pay as you feel” option and our mates down the coast who lost it all during those horrible fires were absolutely touched. During these gnarly times the rallying together of communities and strangers alike to help each other out has been a real silver lining. 

That being said (and that wasn’t a guilt trip, it needed to be acknowledged!), we know a lot of you are now doing it tough, so if you would like a refund for your ticket follow this link from moshtix (and sorry in advance if it’s a pain in the arse):


Rest assured we will reschedule the gig, it’s hard to say when at the moment though. I simply cannot go through life having not played at Strat’s bar with an obscenely full room of contagious but pathogen free froth. Plus doing a live stream you’ll hear how rusty we’ve gotten.. or maybe always were. So if you hold on to your ticket it’ll be valid for whenever we do it, or just get a refund and come on back when things get back normal, whatever that means. 

Sending big, big love to everyone. Please look out for each other, please be safe and take the social distancing and health advice seriously. 

Much love Alotta Presha, Sub-Tribe, Nautilus Sound, Mad Monz, Yours and Owls and La La Las.  

Their faces weathered, haircuts greying and conservative, carefree wings clipped by the demands of adult life. Time and parenthood hasn’t been kind to (most of) the gents from Alotta Presha. These desperate times however, call for desperate acts. And the hell fires that grip the nation call for such an act. With two dear members of the Presha family losing their home on the South Coast, we are pulling another “classic Johnny Farnham” to raise some coin, some froth and hopefully the roof off La La Las to help our mates start to build a new one.


The question is, have the bangers aged as poorly as the band? Or is the girth of those bass driven grooves ever expanding like the waistlines? We can’t wait to find out.


With support from some of the best selectas on the Leisure Coast; Nautilus Sound and Mad Monz, this will be the night to dance off that eco-anxiety and embrace the strong community around us. Because that’s all we have damnit. Much love.