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808s & Greatest Hits (Album Launch)

808s & Greatest Hits (Album Launch)

8:00pm, Fri 1 November, 2019

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w/ POPPONGENE, Purr Usual and Turtle Wave.



808s & Greatest Hits is the recording project of Skube Burnell. The music is perhaps best  described as psychedelic alt-pop influenced in part by bands like Broadcast, Television, Lô Borges, David Axelrod, Todd Rungren, Dungen and film scores like Alain Goraguer’s Fantastic Planet. With Burnell being fan of unconventional music and a soft spot for long prog jams, you can expect to find a verse and chorus somewhere in there and of course many weird detours off the beaten path. Live, the band is filled out as a 5-piece consisting of Burnell, Maddie Felton, Jeff Bartels, Lochy Funston and Cameron Frew.

The album ‘Cabin Vibes’ was recorded in various recording studios and houses over the course of a year. It was finished in a rented cabin over the course of a week - with the addition of the meta title track being written about finishing off the album. Most of the instruments were performed by Burnell or by the live band during studio sessions. Guests on the album include  Maria Moles (Jaala) drumming on some of the songs and Snowy (insert a million bands here) lending his Saxophone playing to ‘The Fear Remains’. ‘Lord Knows Best’ is a cover of Dirty Beaches with Burnell putting his own spin on it and Maddie Felton singing the vocals. It was mixed, 50/50 by John Lee (Phaedra Studios) and James Cecil (Super Melody World), four songs each. Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering