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Lost City U18s (Brisbane)

Good Life Presents

Lost City U18s (Brisbane)

4:00pm, Sat 2 March, 2019

Lockitup will be securing your valuables for the day at Your Friends this year. We have limited lockers so make sure you prebook! All lockers include free phone chargers for all major brands of phone and give you unlimited personal access to your locker on the day.

Print or save your ticket to your phone and come up to our staff who will give you a wristband which will be your access to the locker. Stash your stuff then enjoy your day!

For any info or questions feel free to email sam@lockitup.net.au.

1. Whilst we do everything we can, It is your responsibility to notify us if your locker is damaged and unfit to serve its purpose
2. Illegal items must not be stored in a locker. It is not deemed as 'protection' from authorities.
3. Upon hiring a locker it is your responsibility to make sure it is closed, that nothing of high value is put in there (lots of cash or expensive jewellery) and that you do not encourage theft.
4. Loss of wristband may become loss of personal belongings. We provide you a locker, it is then your responsibility when using it.
5. You are renting a locker with knowledge of the size. Please be careful when choosing as there won't be the opportunity to increase size. Refunds will NOT be given because the locker is too small.
6. We do not ask for details of contents or associate a locker with a person. Our responsibility therefore is ensuring your locker works. We are not responsible for any of the contents inside!
7. If a mistake is made by Lockitup where a locker cannot be sold or used a full refund will be given.
8. No refunds are offered for change of mind.

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Ticket Type Description Total Price* Ticket Price Quantity
LOCKER: Small (Brisbane) DIMENSIONS: 20cm Wide x 12cm High x 30cm Deep WHAT FITS: Wallets, Keys, Phones, Flats, Watches, Jewellery, point and shoot cameras and other small items $15.00

$15.00 ($15.00 + $0.00 Booking Fee)*

Sales Close: 4:00pm, Sat 2 Mar, 2019

LOCKER: Medium (Brisbane) DIMENSIONS: 20cm Wide x 20cm High x 30cm Deep WHAT FITS: above items + Jumpers, rain jackets, purses/handbags, shoes and other soft items $20.00

$20.00 ($20.00 + $0.00 Booking Fee)*

Sales Close: 4:00pm, Sat 2 Mar, 2019

LOCKER: Large (Brisbane) DIMENSIONS: 20cm Wide x 40cm High x 30cm Deep WHAT FITS: Backpacks and shared clothes $25.00

$25.00 ($25.00 + $0.00 Booking Fee)*

Sales Close: 4:00pm, Sat 2 Mar, 2019

LOCKER: Extra-Large (Brisbane) DIMENSIONS: 35cm Wide x 34cm High x 43cm Deep Perfect for sharing $30.00

$30.00 ($30.00 + $0.00 Booking Fee)*

Sales Close: 4:00pm, Sat 2 Mar, 2019

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