You Can Buy Mac DeMarco’s Crappy Old Sneakers For $10K on eBay

Written by Rosie Ball on 31st December, 2014

You Can Buy Mac DeMarco’s Crappy Old Sneakers For $10K on eBay

Never, ever underestimate how bizarre, creepy and surprisingly loaded fans can be. In the latest installment of ‘Totally Random Celebrity Items To Be Auctioned Off On eBay’, Mac DeMarco is selling a pair of very old, scuffed up, once-red and, frankly, unwearable Vans sneakers on eBay.

The best part: the bidding price has managed to reach a ridiculous $10,000, with just under a week left of the auction. Admittedly, it is no Britney Spears’ used chewing gum, which went for $14,000, but, hey, the guy’s an indie darling, not a chart topper, so it’s quite impressive really.

On the sale page, DeMarco writes, “I’ve John Hancocked the left shoe. Will anyone buy an old stinky pair of shoes? I don’t know. lets wait and see. I’ll probably throw some other crap in the box before shipping it, I dunno what. If you’re one of those kids who tried to take them off my feet while I was crowd surfing at some point this year, nice try jackass. But hey, here’s another opportunity for you to have them.”

As the man himself notes, the shoes were worn at shows throughout his US and European tours this year.

DeMarco has promised that all proceeds from the auction will go towards the Willa Mae Rock Camp For Girls, a non-profit music and mentoring program that aims to empower young women by teaching them to express themselves through music. DeMarco’s girlfriend, Kira, has given the kicks a sniff test and promised that “they’re fine” – though her face says otherwise.

As Stereogum notes, DeMarco’s eBay Feedback rating is flawless, so you can at least expect to get what you paid for. If you’re rolling in cash and a huge fan of Mac DeMarco — or just looking for a pair of expensive second-hand conversation starters — you can leave your bid here.

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