Wavves To Release New Album ‘Afraid Of Heights’ in March

Written by Kiel Egging on 15th January, 2013

Wavves To Release New Album ‘Afraid Of Heights’ in March

Californian indie stars Wavves have christened their new album Afraid of Heights – and have given it a March 26 release date.

The band recorded the album in Los Angeles with producer John Hill – who has previously worked with the likes of MIA and Santigold.

NME reports that the track names for some of the songs on the record include Dog, I Can’t Dream, Sail to the Sun, Paranoid, Everything Is My Fault, Mystic, and That’s on Me.

Band member Stephen Pope recently denied magazine that the album was going to be their ‘hip-hop’ record.

“There is some programming and we did build some songs off samples and loops, but I don’t hear hip-hop in it,” he said.

“Sonically, I think we expanded a lot on this album in finding sounds in general; I’m really proud. John does mainly pop and hip-hop stuff, but if you listen closely, it sounds really cool.”

On the other hand, frontman Nathan Williams told Rolling Stone that the sessions creating Afraid of Heights stretched out beyond a year, and were filled with boozy times.

“This past year has ruined my liver. I drank more during the recording process than I’ve ever drank,” he said.

We’ll see if we can pick up the boozy vibes and a few drawls in the vocals when the album drops March 26.


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