Watch: Periphery Wage Intergalactic War Of Condiments In ‘Scarlet’ Clip

Written by Mike Hohnen on 25th February, 2013

Watch: Periphery Wage Intergalactic War Of Condiments In ‘Scarlet’ Clip

It was obvious with the release of their recent album Periphery II that djent juggernauts Periphery were thinking outside the box. The latest associated video effort shows that it isn’t just the tracks that are next level – rather than saving some budget money and producing a stock-standard, serious video, they’ve spent a tonne of cash on one of the most hilarious clips in recent memory.

Set in a far-off galaxy, the clip for Scarlet is set during a time of war. Some battle for mustard, others for ketchup, and the stakes are always high. You wouldn’t expect it but the band members find themselves in some brutal slow-motion battles, weilding sledgehammers, knives, hot dogs…and, at one point, a dude totally gets chainsawed.

Their methods of torturing those who sympathise with the enemy are the most evil of all. I mean, c’mon – wet willies? No-one deserves that. And while it seems silly, you can’t help but pick up on the subtext that we as people, are all the same but fight over our petty differences.

Watch: Periphery – Scarlet


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