Watch Paul McCartney Play The Melody To Kanye’s ‘All Day’ On TV 16 Years Ago

Written by Sam Murphy on 21st May, 2015

Watch Paul McCartney Play The Melody To Kanye’s ‘All Day’ On TV 16 Years Ago

An internet fiend has been doing some serious Paul McCartney digging on YouTube, turning out a video from a 1999 interview where the Beatle can be seen playing the melody to Kanye West‘s latest track All Day.

In case you’ve forgotten, West’s All Day takes an unexpected turn towards the end of the song, detouring into a Paul McCartney instrumental of gentle strumming and whistling.

In this video, taken from an interview with Michael Parkinson, McCartney plays the TV host a gleeful ditty that echoes the melody of All Day, albeit slowed-down.

Despite it most closely sounding like the instrumental break, that melody actually informs the whole of All Day with the whistle instead represented by reverb-soaked voices.

It’s at this point that McCartney-files will point out that the melody here is actually from a song recorded by McCartney during the Ram sessions. The final song, When the Wind Is Blowing, didn’t make the cut for the album, but recordings have found their way online.

In a recent interview with the London Evening Standard, McCartney revealed that he was “flattered” to be invited into the studio with West but at one point thought nothing was going to come of it.

“It was a few months later when I was starting to think, ‘Should I ring him and ask him did anything come of the stuff we did?’,” he said.

“But then I thought, ‘I can’t do that – that’s too soppy!’ I’ll just leave it and try and act cool. And suddenly he sends me Only One, and then Rihanna’s on the other record.”

This McCartney kid, he’s going places.

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