Watch Montaigne’s Greg-ified Parody Of ‘I’m a Fantastic Wreck’

Written by Tom Williams on 18th March, 2015

Watch Montaigne’s Greg-ified Parody Of ‘I’m a Fantastic Wreck’

Montaigne‘s 2014 single I’m A Fantastic Wreck is too-often sung with the funny but all-too-wrong lyric, “I’m a fantastic Greg,” so the singer-songwriter has given the people what they want by reinterpreting the track in honour of Gregs everywhere.

Speaking with triple j‘s Veronica & Lewis last week, Montaigne accepted the challenge to Greg-ify I’m A Fantastic Wreck, and the result (below) is a simple and Greg-friendly track which name-drops the likes of golfer Greg Norman, Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh, Greg from The Wiggles and even cricketer Greg Chappell.

Watch Montaigne perform I’m A Fantastic Greg with the help of some singing Gregs below, and read along with the song’s new Greg-tastic lyrics.

Having recently supported Megan Washington on her Australian tour, Montaigne will be heading out on her first ever headline tour, buoyed by her EP Life of Montaigne, this April. She’ll also play at the upcoming Come Together festival, the lineup for which was announced today.

Watch: Montaigne – I’m A Fantastic Greg

Watch: Montaigne – I’m a Fantastic Wreck

Montaigne – I’m A Fantastic Greg Lyrics

Greg gives me free beers
And greg helps
Kids hear / what a winner
This Greg just pissed on the floor
I’m a Canadian
Wearing a top knot on my head
I’m a Fantastic Greg
Gregging everyone around me
I’m a Fantastic Greg
Bendigo Greg really loves small trains and this Greg
just love cones
And Old Gregg’s got a mangina and he
Drinks Baileys
That’s nasty
And if Greg wears a fedora
Hat on purpose / like this greg
Could you love him?
I’m a fantastic Greg
Gregging everyone around me
I’m a fantastic Greg
And Greg Norman was a shark and
Greg Wiggle
Wore Skivvies
And Greg Chappell told his bro to bowl
Under, with
His arm
And there are 16 pope Gregs
And greg makes street maps
Why don’t you love gregs?
Do you love gregs
Yes you love gregs!
Don’t you love gregs?
We all love gregs!


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