Watch Misfits Reunite With Glenn Danzig For The First Time In 33 Years

Written by Emmy Mack on 6th September, 2016

Watch Misfits Reunite With Glenn Danzig For The First Time In 33 Years

Boys and ghouls, punk history has been made this week, with frontman Glenn Danzig reuniting with the Misfits for the first time since 1983.

After 33 long years of soul-sucking lawsuits and bitter snipes at each other in the press, the horror-punk icons have officially buried the hatchet with their original front-fiend hooking back up for a performance at Denver’s Riot Fest, which was legendary by all accounts.

Fans lucky enough to be in attendance got to spy the reunited trio of Danzig AKA Metal Elvis, bassist Jerry Only and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein linking up with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo (Misfits could never hold on to a drummer btw) to punch out 26 Hits From Hell from between two snarling 12-foot jack-o-lanterns.

The historic moment has got fans all over the world clamouring for a piece of the action, with demand for an original Misfits reunion tour now higher than Wolfgang von Frankenstein’s testosterone levels (and that’s saying something because that man a BEAST).

Catch their epic full setlist, plus footage compiled from three separate Facebook live streaming feeds, which contains the entire concert except for Astro Zombies, below.

Disclaimer: your skull paint may end up smeared by tears of pure punk joy.

Watch: The Original Misfits Live @ Riot Fest 2016

The Original Misfits – Riot Fest Denver 2016 Setlist

1. Death Comes Ripping
2. 20 Eyes
3. I Turned Into a Martian
4. Where Eagles Dare
5. Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
6. Vampira
7. All Hell Breaks Loose
8. Hybrid Moments
9. Teenagers From Mars
10. London Dungeon
11. Earth A.D.
12. Green Hell
13. Devilock
14. Horror Business
15. We Are 138
16. Hollywood Babylon
17. Who Killed Marilyn
18. Halloween
19. Die, Die My Darling
20. Astro Zombies
21. Skulls
22. Last Caress


23. Bullet
24. Night of the Living Dead
25. She
26. Attitude


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