Watch Loose Unit Fans Hoon Around In Violent Soho’s ‘No Shade’ Video

Written by Emmy Mack on 6th October, 2016

Watch Loose Unit Fans Hoon Around In Violent Soho’s ‘No Shade’ Video

Violent Soho have just hit us with an official music video for their ubiquitous new single, No Shade.

The clip features a bunch of loose unit fans road-tripping to the band’s hometown of Mansfield, throwing caution to the wind as they neck stubbies and have a crack on the old beer-bong while cruising along the open road (let’s just hope the cops don’t see this one then, ay?).

As with any road trip, half the fun is getting there, but the whole thing wraps up in epic fashion when the destination is revealed as a massive car park/field party featuring a performance by the Soho lads themselves.

All in all, we’re pretty sure at least 20 laws were broken in the making of this clip, but at least no hearts were. Good times had by all.

“There was a huge amount of people that helped out on this one,” the band say on Facebook. “Thanks for making it an epic day!”

The release of these No Shade visuals comes hot on the heels of Violent Soho being nominated for a swag of ARIA Awards.

Watch: Violent Soho – ‘No Shade’


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