Watch Dave Grohl Write A “New Foo Fighters Song” With Help From A Chilean Audience

Written by Tom Williams on 19th January, 2015

Watch Dave Grohl Write A “New Foo Fighters Song” With Help From A Chilean Audience

Thanks to the contributions of an over-eager Chilean crowd, Dave Grohl has a new Foo Fighters song — it’s probably only going to go down well in Chile, though. Footage which has emerged online shows how Grohl’s crowd interactions at a recent concert turned into an epic singalong session.

According to VH1, the footage (below) was recorded this past week at a Foos gig at Pista Atlética Estadio Nacional in Santiago.

In the clip, Grohl cutely tells off the Chilean crowd for singing his lyrics before he even gets a chance to. “Okay, so here’s the thing. You guys f**king sing every song before I even f**king sing it,” Grohl says. “Nobody else in the world does that. I think that’s some Chile s**t – I don’t know what that is.”

Grohl’s comment brings the nationalistic tendencies of the Foos’ Chilean fans to the surface. They aren’t going to let him continue without showing the Foos what “Chile s**t” really is, and they do exactly that by bursting into a Chile-themed version of the Ole Ole Ole Ole! chant, well-known for being fun but also kind of annoying the more it’s repeated.

Cleverly, Grohl starts laying down a guitar riff over the crowd’s screams, and the rest of the band soon join in too. “Okay! We got a new Foo Fighters song. I like it,” Grohl says, before darting back into a louder run-through of the short new track.

Who knows what kind of songs might be written on stage when the Foos bring their Sonic Highways tour to Australia in February? There’s no tune for “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi,” so we might need to start getting creative.

Watch Foo Fighters co-write and perform what’s affectionately known as Ole Ole Ole Ole! Chile! Chile! in full, below.

Watch: Foo Fighters – Ole Ole Ole Ole! Chile! Chile! (Live in Chile, 2015)


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