Watch Dan Sultan Sit Down With Mushroom Boss Michael Gudinski

Written by Greg Moskovitch on 27th May, 2014

Watch Dan Sultan Sit Down With Mushroom Boss Michael Gudinski

Mushroom boss Michael Gudinski and Melbourne blues and rock dynamo Dan Sultan recently met at Melbourne’s historic Junction Oval in St Kilda where the two discussed the process behind Dan’s acclaimed new album Blackbird, the woes of being a Saints fan, and the LP’s promotional junket.

Under My Skin, is it true that was specifically something that came out of that Nicky Winmar incident, or the Nicky Winmar incident added to it, or it had nothing to do with it?” Gudinski asks, referring to a famous incident in 1993 involving Indigenous St Kilda football player Nicky Winmar.

“Never entered into it,” laughs Dan. “It’s been brought up once or twice… but people are going to take out of the song whatever they want.” In fact, Dan explained that the song is about “an obsessed, murderous, drug addicted stalker who eventually plays out their fantasies.”

When Gudinski queries Dan about the meaning behind the album title, he admits that while he has a love for the Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo, the album was named after Blackbird Studios in Nashville where the album was recorded. “I just wanted to pay my respects to the studio itself,” says Dan.

As for the recent promotional grind, he says, “You click into a bit of autopilot, it’s almost like a script. It can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but it’s a lot worse when you can tell that someone who’s interviewing you [is] just asking basic questions, they could be asking anybody those questions.”

Watch: Mushroom Presents – Michael Gudinski with Dan Sultan


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