Watch Celine Dion Turn Nelly, Missy Elliot And More Into Mammoth Ballads

Written by Sam Murphy on 13th September, 2016

Watch Celine Dion Turn Nelly, Missy Elliot And More Into Mammoth Ballads

Celine Dion has belted out some of the biggest ballads of all time but Ellen DeGeneres decided that it was time for something different, making her take on hip-hop tracks.

If someone told you Dion covering Missy Elliot is amazing then you’d understandably be worried about them but it is actually really something.

The Canadian songstress took on Elliot alongside Nelly, Britney and LMFAO on Ellen, stripping them of their usual beat-heavy instrumentals and replacing it with piano and a big voice.

If you don’t get goosebumps by the lyrics, “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes” sung by that iconic voice then you might not be human. Even more LMFAO’s Shots will bring a tear to your eye in the hands of Dion.

“My careers gonna end tonight,” Dion says at one point but little does she know she’s opening the door to the hip-hop covers album we’ve always needed but never knew we wanted.

Dion currently has a residency in Vegas where she belts out favourites every night but unfortunately it’s very uncommon for her to take on Nelly tracks.

Watch: Celine Dion Cover Hip-Hop Songs On Ellen


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